Hack Together Day at EWASS 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic


When:  Thursday June 29th, 9:00-17:30

Where: Room 304, Charles University Faculty of Law, EWASS 2017 meeting

Register: regsitration is closed


We will start promptly at 9:00 with introductions and project pitches, so please be on time!


What is a hack day?

We are going to get together to write code or work on some other project, fast. The idea is to design a do-able project and fully execute it in one day. Or at least go down trying! Come with a project, or come with deployable skills, ready to deploy.

Hack Together Day is a day to work intensively on projects, individually or in small groups, of interest to the astronomical community. A wide variety of projects will be undertaken, spanning everything from software development to community outreach to scientific research to trying out new analysis tools. We'll also ask the contributors for SS16 (Developments and Practices in Astronomy Research Software) block 3 to be at the hack day, to help participants install, configure, and use the featured software packages. This information will be shared here once the talk schedule is confirmed.

Hack day or programming experience is not required; newcomers are extremely welcome! Project ideas and participants will be solicited before and during the meeting. Participants can lead or join a project, and should plan on focusing on only one thing. You do not need to be contributing an oral or poster presentation to SS16 in order to participate in the hack day!


Examples of hacks from DotAstro conferences: DotAstro 6 Hack Day Summary, DotAstro 2012 Hacks, DotAstro 4 unconference proceedings

Examples of hacks from AAS meetings: astro4astro, Summary of AAS 223 Hack Day, 2016 AAS Hack Day project pitch page, Astrotweeps, Summary of AAS 221 Hack Day.



We realize that there are many parallel sessions on Thursday, so while we ask you to attend the whole day, we really insist you commit to at least one full work session.

9:00-9:45 Flash introductions and project pitches

9:45-10:30 Work time!

10:30-14:00 Coffee break, plenary session, lunch time; we will ask the EWASS organizers for the room to remain available during this time for those of you who wish to work more

14:00-15:15 Work time!

15:15-15:30 Check-in on how projects are going

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:00 Work time!

17:00-17:30 Group wrap-up and mini-presentations



The organizers for the 2017 Hack Together Day were Abigail Stevens, Amruta Jaodand, and Matteo Bachetti.


Twitter hashtag

We're using #hackEWASS for all tweets related to EWASS Hack Together Day. The conference hashtag is #ewass2017.

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