Android Apps


Visual Observational Astronomy



  • Galaxy Zoo - Helps the Galaxy Zoo project towards classifying galaxies using SDSS images
  • NASA - Official app with NASA TV viewer, News, Missions and APOD viewer/background setter.
  • NASAImages - unofficial  Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) viewer, easy to set pictures as background



  • Adobe Reader - The standard PDF reader
  • arXiv Droid - Searches and downloads articles from arXiv. Uses Adobe Reader or another PDF reader for most articles.



  • ioda - File Viewer for FITS, AIDA, ROOT, JPG and FOG files. Not a pretty UI, but works
  • 3D Sun - Provides 3D solar multi-band displays from STEREO's images
  • Eclipse Calculator - Solar/Lunar eclipse and planetary transits calculator
  • Asteroid Tracker - Displays information regarding NEOs

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