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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Alabama (ad) Shortlist made. On campus interviews being held, including Jeremy Bailin, Sukanya Chakrabarti, Fulai Guo. Offer made: Jeremy Bailin.
University of Alaska Anchorage (ad) 8 candidates contacted for phone interviews (2/10). 
Amsterdam - GRAPPA (ad) Shortlist made, interviews being scheduled. Shortlist includes Julia Becker, David Berge, Dimitrios Giannios, Igor Moskalenko, Roberto Trotta, Walter Winter, Yvonne Wong. Offer made.
Amsterdam - Chair LEA Shortlist made. Offer made.
Augustana College (ad) Shortlist made.
University of Bern (ad) Shortlist made: Yann Alibert, David Ehrenreich, Kevin Heng, Christoph Mordasini, Diana Valencia
Bucknell University (ad) ~280 applications; 2 offers made and accepted
Borough of Manhattan Community College (ad) Medium list invited for initial interviews, including Roy Gal, Delphine Perrodin (1/4)
California Baptist University on campus interviews in progress.  Offer to Kyle Stewart
University of California Berkeley (ad) Shortlist made.
University of California Irvine (ad) Shortlist made.  Campus interviews scheduled; list includes Carrie Bridge, Michael Cooper, Steven Finkelstein, Ryan Foley, Genevieve Graves, Andrew Howard, and Evan Kirby. Offer made to Michael Cooper.
University of California, Irvine (Experimental) Offer to: Simona Murgia

California Institute of Technology, Astro Theory (ad)

Some interviews scheduled, including Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere, Dimitrios Giannios, Phil Hopkins, Brian Metzger, Matt McQuinn
California Institute of Technology, Experimental Cosmology/CMB short-list made for the observational/experimental cosmology (ie CMB) group leader, including Bradford Benson, Akito Kusaka, and Michael Niemack
California Institute of Technology, Planetary Science  Offer made to Konstantin Batygin
Cal Poly Pomona (ad) Phone interviews week of Dec. 6, short list made. Offered to Matthew Povich
California State Fullerton (ad) Jocelyn Read & Geoffrey Lovelace
California State San Bernardino (ad) Rejection letters sent. Long list of 6 notified for phone interviews 2/7, short list invited for campus interviews 2/21. Offer made and accepted.
University of Cambridge/IoA (ad) Shortlist made. Some rejection letters sent.
University of Cambridge/DAMTP (ad) Shortlist made: Clement Baruteau, Matthew Kunz, Henrik Latter, Sean Matt, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper, Andrew Youdin. Offer made.
Cardiff University (star formation/exoplanets, ad) Shortlist made, including Jay Farihi
Case Western (senior position; ad) Some rejection letters sent on Dec. 6
Carnegie, Hale Scholar interviews being scheduled: Aristotle Socrates, Robert Feldmann.  Rejection letters emailed.
CEA Saclay (Computational Astrophysics; ad) Some rejection emails sent. Short list includes Ian Parrish
CEA Saclay (Galaxy formation/evolution; ad) 45 applications. Short list of 5 invited for interviews, including Jeremy Bailin. Offer made to Stephanie Juneau.
Central Lancashire, Jeremiah Horrocks Inst. Director (ad) Short-list made, including Volker Beckmann, Quentin Parker, Jacco van Loon, Derek Ward-Thompson.  Offer made to Derek Ward-Thompson.
Christopher Newport University Phone interviews in progress. Invitations for on campus interviews sent on 12/19.
Chicago (ad) Short list made, includes Luca Grandi, Michael Niemack, Bradford Benson
CITA (ad) Shortlist was made several weeks ago and interviews have been going on. 
Clemson (ad) Candidates for biophysics invited to campus.  Phone interviews for physics position in progress.
CNAP France (ad)

22 candidates for 4 senior positions invited for interview March 21-22. 119 candidates for 6 junior positions invited for interview March 26-28.

Senior positions:

  • Guillaume Aulanier
  • Pierre Kervella
  • Céline Reylé
  • Laurence Tresse

Junior positions:

  • Pierre Ocvirk
  • Deborah Paradis-Cami
  • Benoît Carry
  • Philippe Delorme
  • Eric Jullo
  • Laurent Lamy
CNRS (ad)

DR2 senior positions:

  • Valérie DE LAPPARENT
  • François LIGNIERES
  • Pascale JABLONKA
  • Cecile ENGRAND
  • Sylvain BONTEMPS
  • François LEBLANC
  • Stephane BASA
  • Thierry CONTINI
  • Emmanuel DARTOIS

CR1 junior positions:

  • Pierre VERNAZZA
  • Pierrick MARTIN
  • Paolo CASSATA (waiting list)

CR2 junior positions:

  • Guilhem LAVAUX
  • Susanna VERGANI
  • Andrea CHIAVASSA
  • Olivier BERNE
  • Benoit COMMERCON (waiting list)
Colby College (ad) Offer made and accepted (Elizabeth McGrath)
University of Colorado, Boulder (ad) 356 applications. Short list: George Becker, Beth Biller, Julia Comerford, Shane Davis, Jean-Michel Desert, Emily Levesque, Michele Trenti.  Offer made to Julia Comerford and Jean-Michel Desert.
Columbia (ad) Some interviews scheduled, short list includes: Dimitrios Giannios, Phil Hopkins, Brian Metzger, Shane Davis.  Offer made to Brian Metzger.
Cork (ad) Shortlist made, interviews held: Jeremy Bailin, Laura Brenneman, Dimitrios Giannios, Michael Kuhlen, Asaf Pe'er, and two others. Offer made to Asaf Pe'er
Cornell (CCAT science; ad) Short list made (Dec. 6), includes Dominik Riechers, Christian Reichardt, Lucas Cieza, Kristen Coppin, Jim Geach, Matt McQuinn; rejections sent via email (1/27); offer made to Dominik Riechers.
Cornell (Physics/experimental incl. astroph; ad) Short list made (Feb. 17), includes Bradford Benson, Michael Niemack, Phil Barbeau. Offer made to Michael Niemack (accepted)
CUNY Hostos Community College due 1/14/12
CUNY Queensborough Community College due 12/10/11
CUNY NYC College of Technology  Viviana Acquaviva
Dark Cosmology Centre/Niels Bohr Institute (ad) No offers made yet; short-list in development.
University of Edinburgh (3 Lectureships, ad) Shortlist made, includes Jay Farihi, Jim Geach. Rejection letters sent. Three Offers made: Sadegh Khochfar, Andrew Liddle, Jorge Penarrubia
ETH Zurich Kevin Schawinski (SNSF term position), Adam Amara (internally appointed, permanent)
George Mason University(ad) due Jan 31, 2012
George Washington University (ad) Short list made. On-campus interviews finished on March 30, 2012. Two offers made.
Georgia State University (3 stellar positions) (ad) long short list made, add'l info requested; Short list made, includes Joshua Pepper; interviews being scheduled (2/22)
Georgia State University (extragalactic position) (ad) Search canceled reopened. (caution: notification email was caught by Gmail's spam filter). Letters requested for some. Shortlist made, includes Kayhan Gultekin. Some rejection letters sent.
Glendale Comm. College, AZ (ad) Full-time teaching @ large comm college astronomy dept; position closes 3/30
Grinnell College (ad) Phone interviews occurred in early Nov. Offer made to Eliza Kempton
University of Hawaii-Hilo (ad)

short list includes Josh Walawender, John Wisniewski, Pierre Martin

3 candidates invited for on campus interviews including: Josh Walawender, Pierre Martin

Offer made and accepted (Pierre Martin)

University of Hertfordshire (ad) Shortlist includes Kristen Coppin, Jay Farihi, Jim Geach, Dimitris Stamatellos, Sugata Kaviraj.  Offers made, including Kristen Coppin, Jim Geach

High Point University (ad)

Search is ongoing.
Hobart & William Smith (ad) Phone interviews Feb. 9 through 12.  Offer made to Leslie Hebb
ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ad, ad2) Note that this position is a tenured associate professor level position. due Jan 28, 2012. Any news?
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i (ad)

Two tenure-track positions

~250 applications, some rejections sent

Short list :

Konstantin Batygin, Andrew Benson, Michael Boylan-Kolchin, Stephen Cenko,  Sarah Dodson-Robinson, Andrew Howard, Mark Krumholz, Amy Mainzer, Daniel Stark

Two offers made (3/15): Konstantin Batygin, Andrew Howard

IPMU (ad)  
University of Illinois (ad) Phone interviews being scheduled. Shortlist includes Marcelo Alvarez, Michael Kuhlen, Fabian Schmidt, Louis Strigari, Mark Wyman, Jaiyul Yoo, offered to Fabian Schmidt
Indiana University (ad) Short list made, including Kayhan Gultekin, Jeremy Bailin, Louis Strigari. Rejections sent via email (2/10). Offer made to Enrico Vesperini.
University of Innsbruck - Tenure Track (ad) 9 candidates being interviewed. Rejection emails sent (January 26).
University of Innsbruck - ESO Professor (ad) Candidates interviewed (Dec 5/6): Knud Jahnke, Thorsten Lisker, Thomas Preibisch, Norbert Przybilla, Ansgar Reiners, Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar; (earlier date): Sonja Schuh
James Madison University Phone interviews in progress, including Brian Connolly, Andrey Timokhin
KIAA Beijing Short list made, including Ian Parrish, Pablo Saz Parkinson, Renbin Yan
University of Kentucky (ad)
(two positions)
Short list made, including Renbin Yan, Dale Kocevski, Moire Prescott, Michele Trenti, Brandon Kelly, Miguel Aragon-Calvo; Offer made to Michele Trenti (declined), Renbin Yan, Dale Kocevski.
King's College London (ad) Short list made on 1/11. Shortlist includes Scott Watson, Alexander Vikman, Daniel Feldman; Offer made to Scott Watson (declined). Offer made and accepted (Eugene Lim).
Lehigh University (ad) Short list made on 1/16. Includes Nitya Kallivayalil, Brian Jackson, Alessia Gualandris, Joshua Pepper. Offer to Nitya Kallivayalil
Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam - AIP (ad) Short list includes Benjamin Brown, Sean Matt, one other.  Offer made to Benjamin Brown (declined).  Sydney Barnes
Liverpool JMU (Professors) Candidates invited for interviews; Offers made: Nate Bastian, Sadegh Khochfar
Liverpool JMU (Reader) Some rejection notices e-mailed.  Offer to Ricardo Schiavon.
Liverpool JMU (Lectureships) (ad) Interviews conducted.
Liverpool JMU (LT Astronomer-in-Charge) (ad) Short list made. Some rejection notices e-mailed.
University College London (ad) Interviews conducted (12/2): Beth Biller, Kevin Heng, Markus Janson, Soko Matsumura, Diana Valencia. Offer made to Diana Valencia (12/15).
Lynchburg Collge (Physics/Astronomy) (ad) Offer made to Michael Solontoi
Macquarie University / AAO (ad) Offer made to Lee Spitler
University of Manchester (ad)  
University of Maryland (ad) ~300 applicants.  Short list made, including Michael Cooper, Sally Dodson-Robinson, Stefan Kraus, Phil Hopkins, Brad Cenko, and Kevin Schawinski.  Some rejections emailed (02/01). Offer made to Suvi Gezari (accepted).
University of Massachusetts, Amherst (ad) short list made including Alyson Brooks, Michal Kuhlen, Mark Krumholz, Andrew Benson. Offer made to Mark Krumholz.  Rejection letters arriving via normal mail.
Michigan State University (ad) some candidates invited for interviews, including Michael Cooper, Lisa Winter. Offers made to Jay Strader & Laura Chomiuk.
University of Michigan (Physics) (ad) Konstantin Batygin and Sudeep Das are the only astrophysicists on the shortlist. Offered to Sudeep Das.
MIT Astrophysics (ad) Short list made, including Phil Hopkins, Matt McQuinn, Brian Metzger, Michael Niemack, Shane Davis, Ryan Foley. Offer made to Michael Niemack (declined). Offer made to Matthew Evans.
MIT Planetary Science (exoplanets) (ad) Short list includes Sally Dodson-Robinson, Sasha Hinkley, Konstantin Batygin, Hilke Schlichting. Offer made to Hilke Schlichting
MMT Observatory

Two offers made including Richard Cool

Montreal (ad) Short list made. 4 candidates: Scott Gregory, Ashley Ruiter, Kaitlin Kratter and Patrick Dufour. Offer made.
National Taiwan Normal University (ad) Short list made. Phone interviews scheduled.
Northwestern University and Fermi National Lab (ad) Short list includes: Eric Dahl, Luca Grandi, Steve Leman, Jason Steffen, and Jeter Hall (from seminar schedule).  Offer made to Eric Dahl.
University of Notre Dame (ad) Interviews being conducted at AAS. Three on short-list including: Justin Crepp, Christian Reichardt. Offer to Justin Crepp.
University of Nottingham (ad) Rejection letters sent. Invitations to interview sent. Shortlist includes Jim Geach, Stijn Wuyts, Simon Dye, Nina Hatch, James Bolton.  Offer made to James Bolton (accepted).
University of Oklahoma (ad) Short list made. John Wisniewski, Aaron Dotter, Simon Schuler,  Sean Matt invited for on-campus interviews. Offer made and accepted (John Wisniewski).
Ohio State (Astronomy; ad) due Jan 13, 2012, short list includes Phil Hopkins, Sally Dodson-Robinson, Jean-Michel Desert, Justin Crepp
Ohio State (target of opportunity) Annika Peter (Physics joint with Astronomy)
University of Oslo (Associate Professor) International selection board appointed to assess applicants and report around June; reference letters requested in late May; Shortlist made
University of Oslo (ad) due Jan 15, 2012 (Note: not the same postion as above!).  Ranked shortlist: Torsten Bringmann, Pat Scott, Tomi Koivisto, Alex Vikman, Chris Savage, Valeria Pettorino, Sigbjørn Hervik.  First 3 invited for interview.
University of Oxford, Savilian Professor Short list: Tom Abel, Steven Balbus, John Peacock, Romain Teyssier. Offer made to Steven Balbus. Offer for a second position made to Romain Teyssier.
Penn State physics (including cosmology and particle astrophyiscs--ad) Interviews starting in January, (from seminar schedule) Jason Steffen, Jeter Hall, Natalia Saulina, Nahee Park.
University Paris-Sud, Professor position, Physics department
Offer made to Sébastien Galtier
Perimeter Institute and York University (junior or senior position, ad) due Jan. 15, 2012. Interviews scheduled. Shortlist includes: Rafael Porto, Kendrick Smith, Alexander Vikman, Matt Johnson, Adam Martin, Matt Reece, Brock Tweedie, offer made to Kendrick Smith, offer made to Matt Johnson.
Purdue University (ad) Short list includes: Shane Davis, Dimitrios Giannios, Daniel Whalen, Sukanya Chakrabarti. Offer made to Dimitrios Giannios
Purdue University (planetary, ad) Short list includes: Jasper Kok, Megan Elwood Madden, Jonathan Mitchell, Edwin Kite. Offers made to both Edwin Kite and Jonathan Mitchell.
Queen's University Belfast (3 posts, ad) Shortlist made, including Jay Farihi, James Jenkins
Rochester Institute of Technology (ad) Short list: Sukanya Chakrabarti, Eilat Glikman, Dulla Di Mello, Peter Plavchan. Offer made to Sukanya Chakrabarti.
Rutgers University (ad)

Shortlist made (Dec. 8), includes Kristian Finlator, Michael Kuhlen, Alyson Brooks, Viviana Acquaviva.   Offer to Alyson Brooks.

San Francisco State University (observational astro, ad) Some rejection letters sent. Six on short-list. Offer to Nitya Kallivayalil (declined). Offer to Justin Crepp (declined).
San Jose State (ad) Some candidates contacted for phone interviews.
University of Sao Paulo (ad) due Feb. 27, 2012
Seoul National University Offer made to Janice Lee
Siena College (ad) Offers made and accepted
Simpson University offer made
SOCCCD Irvine Valley Community College Due 2/7/12
SOCCCD Saddleback Community College Due 2/7/12
Space Telescope Science Institute (scientist and tenure-track astronomer positions) Long shortlist made. Phone interviews being scheduled. Some rejections emailed (Aug. 13)
Stanford (ad) Shortlist include Kendrick Smith, Jamie Bock, Chris Hirata
Stockholm (exoplanets/star formation) Shortlist of 4 (Alexis Brandeker, Martin Dominik, Markus Janson, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper) invited for interviews; offer made to Alexis Brandeker
University of Saint Thomas (ad) Phone Interviews being scheduled. Rejection letters sent.  Offer made to Elizabeth Wehner.
University of San Francisco (ad) Phone interviews took place in January. On-campus interviews to finish by the end of February.
Surrey, University of (Chair) Mark Gieles and Justin Read
Surrey, University of (Lectureships) Short list deferred until Chair position filled.
Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota Short list of 4: offer made to Frederic Courbin
University of Texas at Austin (ad) Final shortlist determined: George Becker, Beth Biller, Thayne Currie, Steven Finkelstein, Adam Kraus, Dominik Riechers, Colette Salyk, Dan Stark.  Offers made to Steven Finkelstein and Adam Kraus.
University of Texas at San Antonio Short list made (Feb 16)
Texas Tech University  Short list made; on campus interviews being arranged.
University of Toronto - Scarborough (planetary astrophysics) offer made to Hilke Schlichting (Oct 4), declined (Feb 13)
University of Toronto (ad)

Final short list made (Dec 16), includes Phil Muirhead, Brad Cenko, Keith Vanderlinde, Megan Eckart, Adam Kraus.  Offer made to Keith Vanderlinde.

University of Turku (ad) -
Professor in Astronomy
Due 30th of May 15.45 local time
Virginia Tech (ad) Short list made. Includes Lisa Winter, Robert Gibson, Sukanya Chakrabarti.  Offer made and accepted.
University of Washington (theory, cosmology) (ad)

Final shortlist made and interviews scheduled, including Mark Krumholz, Sally Dodson-Robinson, Annika Peter, Phil Hopkins, Matt McQuinn, Chris Hirata. Offer made to Matt McQuinn.

University of Western Ontario (ad) Final shortlist made and interviews scheduled. Shortlist includes Jean-Michel Desert, Nicolas Cowan, Stan Metchev. Offer made to Jean-Michel Desert (declined, 7/14).
University of Wisconsin, Madison (ad)

due Jan 15, 2012. Short list (from seminar schedule): Carsten Rott, John Pretz, Ines Valino Rielo, David Jason Koskinen, Teppei Katori. Offer made to Justin Vandenbroucke and accepted.

Beware of seminar pages.  See instead:


Actually, beware of assumptions.  The particle physics job is a distinct search.  Some of the names above are genuinely being considered for the job advertised in the link to the left

Uppsala University (Theoretical astrophysics) Offer made to Martin Asplund, Susanne Höfner ranked no. 2. (12/11).
University of Oxford Lectureship in Astrophysics in association with St Cross College (ad)

Shortlist: Kristian Zarb Adami, Gianni Bernardi, Clive Dickinson, Matt Jarvis, Aris Karastergiou, Mario Santos. Offer made to Matt Jarvis




Science Staff and Management Positions 

Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)
SETI Institute: Kepler Support Scientist due 7/15/2012. Phone interviews scheduled.
SKA Director General (ad)

Phil Diamond

SKA Project Scientist (ad)

Space Telescope Science Institute Research & Instrument Analyst (ad) Phone interviews over. In person interviews begin May 7. Approximately 9 people in the short list.
Subaru Instrumentation Associate (ad) Phone interviews under way.
VERITAS Observatory Manager/Deputy to the Project Scientist (ad) Pascal Fortin
NASA associate administrator for science John Grunsfeld
NASA Herschel Science Center - Deputy Director Interviews under way

Canada Research Chair in the Foundations of Physics  (ad)

The University of Western Ontario


Review of applications will begin on September 15, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled.

All Canada Research Chairs are subject to review and final approval by the CRC Secretariat. Applications including a curriculum vitae, a writing sample, a teaching dossier and a description of a 5-7 year research plan and three letters of reference should be sent to: Professor Henrik Lagerlund, Chair, Department of Philosophy, Stevenson Hall, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B8.

Applicants should have fluent oral and written communication skills in English. 

Still accepting applications.


Faculty Shuffle

People (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Martin Asplund MPA (director) ANU (Laureate Fellow)
Lisa Kewley IfA, Hawaii ANU
Marta Volonteri University of Michigan IAP
Andrew Sheinis University of Wisconsin, Madison AAO (Head of Instrumentation)
Eiichiro Komatsu U Texas, Austin MPA(director)
Kevork Abazajian University of Maryland University of California, Irvine
Phil Mauskopf Cardiff University Arizona State University
Eric Mamajek U Rochester CTIO (Returning to U. Rochester Fall 2012)
Eve Ostriker University of Maryland Princeton University
Alex Heger University of Minnesota Monash
Matthew Colless AAO (Director) ANU/RSAA (Director)
James Graham Toronto / Dunlap Institute Berkeley
Chris Hirata Caltech Ohio State (Physics joint with Astronomy)
Ricardo Schiavon Gemini Observatory Liverpool John Moores (Reader)
Stacy McGaugh University of Maryland Case Western Reserve University

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