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Postdoc or Term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)

Postdoctoral Research Fellows in Computational Astrophysics at UniMORE (ad) Application Deadline June 17, 2024
Postdoctoral Positions in Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution at MPIfR (ad) Application Deadline May 1st 2024
Postdoctoral Fellow - Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology at West Virginia University (ad) Application Deadline April 15 2024
Adler Planetarium Data Science Felllow (ad) Application Deadline 15 June 2024
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" department (ad) Application Deadline 21 May 2024
PostDoc Positions in Exoplanet Atmosphere: (1) Cloud Modelling (ad) and (2) Links to Observations (ad)
Application Deadline: 15 May 2024
PostDoc Position in Cloud Droplets and Redox Pairs in the Venusian Atmosphere (ad) Application Deadline: 15 June 2024
East Asian Observatory (EAO) Fellow (ad)

Application deadline: April 1, 2024

Any news? No update on May 15th

Postoctoral fellowship in computational astrophysics at Colgate University (ad)

Review of applications begins: April 15, 2024

Any news? --> interviews done, no rejections sent yet (Apr 26)

Post-doctoral Position in Strong Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter - University of Barcelona & MPA Garching (ad)

Application deadline: March 10, 2024

Any news?

Rice Space Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Application deadline: April 30, 2024.
Postdoctoral position at Rice University with Megan Reiter and Andrea Isella Application deadline: March 31, 2024
(ad). Note: The application deadline has been moved to the end of March
Postdoctoral position at GEPI (Paris) with Laia Casamiquela (ad) Application deadline: February 29, 2024
Postdoctoral position w/ Pascale Jablonka @ LASTRO EPFL (ad)

Application deadline 15 February, 2024

Any news? The selection deadline is on March 15th.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Ariel University (w/ A. Kashi)


Application deadline 15 April, 2024
Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (ad)

Application deadline October 30, 2023
(~150 applications received for the CTAC Fellowship and Carnegie-Caltech Theory Fellowship)

Some interview invitations sent (Nov 28)

Two offers made for the CTAC Fellowship (Dec 20), incl. Newlin Weatherford

At least one offer made for the Carnegie-Caltech Theory Fellowship (by late Dec), incl. Monica Gallegos-Garcia

Multiple rejections received Jan 25. <-- Is this for the CTAC or the Carnegie Fellowship? Carnegie Fellowship <-- thank you.

Rejections received for CTAC and Carnegie-Caltech (Jan 30)

Has anyone received an offer for the Carnegie Fellowship (Feb 5)? An offer was made on Jan 23.

Margaret Burbidge Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astrophysics, University of Chicago (ad) Application deadline October 31, 2023
News? Offer made. Caroline Piaulet

HI postdoctoral position - MeerKAT Fornax Survey - INAF Cagliari (ad)

Application deadline February 29, 2024

Any news?

51 Pegasi b Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline: October 6, 2023

The selection panel met in the middle of Jan.

8 offers made (Jan 22) Some waitlist notifications sent (Jan 24). Rejections also sent (Jan 24). Oversubscription rate almost 17 to 1.

There are 12 people on the waitlist. Last year 6 people got offers off the waitlist. (source: I'm on the waitlist; I asked and they told me)

8 of 8 offers accepted (Feb 15). No waitlist offers this year.

Lígia Fonseca Coelho, Megan Weiner Mansfield, Teresa Paneque-Carreño, Emiel Por, Antranik Sefilian, Quang H. Tran, Zach Ulibarri, Luis Welbanks

American Museum of Natural History Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition in Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline October 19, 2023 (first round)

(Has anyone been contacted?) Yes

Some rejections received (Nov 16)

Australian National University, postdoc in computational ISM and galaxy evolution, female-only (ad)

Application deadline December 22, 2023

Any updates? Interview invitations sent (Jan 20)

Offer sent (Feb 5th)

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" department (ad)

Application deadline November 22, 2023

(22.12.2023) Any news? I don't have any but also I didn't apply. Hope this helps.

Arizona State University, Beus Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline November 13, 2023

Has anybody been contacted yet? (Jan 11)

Any news? (Feb. 7) --- still waiting.

Any update? (Feb 12)

Rejection received (Feb 13)

70 applications made; Offers made and accepeted

Has anyone not received a rejection nor an offer yet? (Feb 15)

Brinson Postdoctoral Fellowship in Experimental Quantum Cosmology at Caltech (ad) Application deadline November 15, 2023
Brinson Prize Fellowship (ad)

Application Deadline November 2nd, 2023

Some rejections received (Dec 14). At least one offer made (Jan 23).

Case Western Reserve University - Richard S Morrison Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

initial interview invitations sent.

Rejection sent (Jan. 21)

Case Western Reserve University - Postdoc in CMB instrumentation/analysis (ad) Application review begins December 1, 2023
Center for AstroPhysical Surveys (CAPS) Fellowship (U. Illinois / NCSA, USA ad ) Applications due Feb. 15, 2024
Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul National University - Postdoctoral position in computational cosmology (ad Application deadline January 5, 2024
CITA Postdoctoral Fellowship  (ad)

 Deadline Nov 6 (27), 2023

At least some offers sent out 

have rejections been sent? (Feb 7)

Any news? (Feb 8)

At least one shortlist offer made and accepted (Feb 15).

CITA National Fellowship (ad)

 Deadline Nov 6 (27), 2023

Any news?

Interview invitations sent including Mor Rozner (Dec 14). For all positions?

Any news? (Feb 7)

Rejection received (Feb 16)

CIERA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Northwestern University (ad)

Application deadline Nov 15, 2023

An offer has been made (Jan 17), including Wynn Jacobson-Galan (declined)

Anyone know how many offers were made?

At least three offers have been made. Two offers accepted (Feb 15).

Rejections sent Mar 5

CIERA Postdoctoral Associate Positions in Observational Astronomy (ad) Application deadline Nov 15, 2023

Any updates? (Jan 11)
Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline November 15, 2023. 

Offers made (Dec. 15), incl. Ido Irani

Wait-list notified (Dec 19)
Rejection received (Dec 19)

Ciela Institute - Postdoctoral positions in astrophysics and machine learning (Montreal, Canada) (ad)

Application deadline November 7, 2023

Interview requests sent to some candidates (Dec 8)

Offer made (Jan 21) incl. Nolan Smyth

Edinburgh Postdoctoral Research Associate in Galaxy Evolution (ad)

Application deadline Jan 26, 2024

Any news? (Feb 7)

--> Offer made and accepted.

Enrico Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago (ad) Application deadline Nov. 7; Any update?

ESA (European Space Agency) Independent Research Fellowship at ESAC (Spain), ESTEC (Netherlands), and STScI (USA) ad

30 people have been invited for a first round of interviews. - Applications are still under review on the website, so are there going to be more interview rounds?

some rejections received (Nov 14)

EXP Fellowships in Experimental Physics and Astrophysics at Caltech (ad)

Deadline Nov. 10.

At least two offers made Dec. 20 and accepted.

Multiple rejections received Jan 3

University of Hertfordshire, Postdoctoral Research Fellow - The WEAVE-LOFAR Survey (ad)

Application Deadline Feb 1 

--> Offer made and accepted.

University of Hertfordshire, Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Dwarf Galaxies in Deep Wide Surveys (ad) Application Deadline Feb 4
University of Hertfordshire, Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Chemodynamical Evolution of the Milky Way - with Chiaki Kobayashi (Ad)

Application Deadline Feb 2

Shortlist email received on Feb 26. Online interviews from Mar 6th to Mar 8th (?). 

Institute of Space Sciences, Barcelona (ad) News? Jan 12: received invitaiton for interview. Anyone else? One position accepted
James Arthur Fellowship/NYU (ad)

Deadline Nov 15.

Shortlist made, interviews Jan 16-17.

Offers sent Jan. 19, including Yue Hu (declined)

Rejections sent Jan 24

Has anyone else not heard anything? (Jan 24) Me. Maybe they are also maintaining a long list.

Any news? (Feb 20)

Jaynes Fellowships (3-4, 3 year positions), Dept. of Physics, Washington University in Saint Louis (ad)

Application deadline November 15, 2023. Some shortlisted candidates were invited for interviews, including Anastasia Sokolenko. At least one offer was made (Dec. 21), including Anastasia Sokolenko

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) William H. Miller and Davis Fellowships (ad)

Application deadline December 1, 2023 through academicjobsonline.com

Any news? (Jan 2) Answer: offers not made yet, expected to be made over the coming weeks (Jan 4) <--

By offers, do you mean interview invitations? <-- I conducted an informal interview on Dec 14, so I think they actually mean offers

At least one offer made (Jan 5) <-- for which fellowship? <-- Miller

Wait list notified for Miller (Jan 19).

Anybody heard anything for Davis fellowship? (Jan 30) Haven't heard anything yet 

Offer accepted for Miller (Feb 7)

Any news on Davis Fellowship? (Feb 12) <-- I heard some very confusing information from someone at JHU that the fellowships are not offered separately (e.g., not each one is offered every year), so it's possible that the Miller offer applies to all applicants and that they won't offer a Davis position.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Postdoctoral Position in Exoplanets and/or Substellar Objects (w/ Jayawardhana) (ad) Applications are accepted here until the position is filled, and those received before March 1, 2024 will receive full consideration.
Junior Fellowship, Harvard Society of Fellows (ad) Offers sent December 10, including to Monica Gallegos-Garcia
KITP Fellowship University of California, Santa Barbara (ad)

Application deadline Nov. 15; News? <-- (Jan 6)

Interview invitations sent including Mor Rozner (Jan 23)

Shortlist got interviews (Jan 25)

LMU Munich Fraunhofer-Schwarzschild Fellowship (ad) Application deadline November 10, 2023. Recommendation letters will be requested afterwards. Any news? Some rejection letters sent 12 February 2024, confirming that an offer was made and accepted.
Leibniz Institut für Astrophysik, Potsdam.

Computational Galaxy and Cluster Formation Postdoc (ad)

Application deadline November 15 2023. Some interviews scheduled.

2 offers made after the interview (Dec. 8)

Have some rejections received? Yes (Dec 23)

Max Planck Institue for Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship, Garching (ad)

Application deadline Nov. 6.

Shortlisted candidates invited for interviews on Nov. 24

Offers made, shortlist notified (Dec. 19)

One offer accepted (Jan 29)

Has anyone received a rejection letter?  (Reply: I haven't. However, rejection letters are usually sent after someone has signed a contract, because until then it is possible that all who were interviewed might have accepted other offers and they will have to invite more people (or cancel the search, which seems unlikely here).  While MPA is very attractive, it could be that all invited have accepted permanent jobs elsewhere.  It wouldn't surprise me if rejection letters aren't sent until the end of February.  UPDATE: Pretty good guess; I got a rejection today.)

Nice Observatory 3 year postdoctoral researcher in exoplanet atmospheres at high-spectral resolution, Nice, France (ad

 Application deadline 19th of January 2024.
Offer made and accepted.

Missouri University of Science and Technology, Cosmology or Galaxy Evolution postdoc (ad)

Application deadline December 28, 2023

at least one interview invitation sent (Dec. 28), offer made, including Kai Wang (declined)

Postdoc position at Lund University, Sweden, in Exoplanet atmospheres and planet formation (ad) Application deadline October 13, 2023
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline October 16th, 2023

Anyone else feel like this might be coming out today (Jan 26)? Any updates? The last few years it looks like they sent out notifications on Jan 31. :) <- ah ok thank you!!

Offerees being notified via phone call Feb 1

Waitlist notifications sent Feb 2

(1 offer accepted Feb 4; 2 offers accepted Feb 5; 1 offer accepted Feb 7; 1 offer accepted Feb 15)

Have rejections been sent? I haven't heard anything...

Any movement on the waitlist? (Feb 7)

(1 offer declined Feb 9, so there might be some movement coming)

Awards made to Caroline Huang, Briley Lewis, Adrian Fraser, Sarah Blunt, Joseph Golec, Joseph Michail, Sabrina Appel, and Catherine Manea

NSF MPS-Ascend (ad) Application deadline October 16th, 2023
Any updates? (Jan 31)
Offers made via phone call Feb 2
Ohio State CCAPP Fellowships (ad)

Application (soft) deadline December 1, 2023

Have references been requested yet? (Dec 20)

References requested (Dec 27) 

I submitted my references' info, but they haven't received any emails. Did that happen to you? (Jan. 5) <-- Same here. <- My references just received the emails (Jan. 5). Have interviews been scheduled? (Jan 9)

(Jan 16) My references were requested for this today (later than everyone else), anyone know what this could mean? <- They said that they have some issue with Workday system <- Ok thank you!!

(Jan 19) Long list notified. <- Is the long list a subset of reference checks? <- Yes <- Thank you. 

(Jan 23) Have candidates been informed if they are on the long list?

(Jan 27) Anyone heard back about interviews? Are they still doing them this year?

(Feb 6) Rejection received

(Feb 13) Any news? Does anyone know if an offer has been made? Is there a waitlist? <- I was told that if I have any deadline, I should email them before 15 Feb, so the result may be made at the end of the week.

Final hires: Raquel Fores Toribio, Molly Wolfson.

Ohio State Buckeye Fellowships (ad)

Application (soft) deadline December 1, 2023

References requested yet? (Dec 20)

Yes (Jan 02)

Waitlist informed; no interview (Jan 26)

Rejection received (Feb 07, Feb 12)

Any news? (Feb 12)

Ohio University Cosmology postdoc (ad)  Application deadline December 31, 2023
Oort Fellowship Leiden Observatory (ad)

Application deadline December 15, 2023

At least some interview requests sent Jan 26 (extragalactic or exoplanet?) -> exoplanet

interview on the extragalactic position invited Jan 30

Waitlist notification sent out Feb 12 (extragalactic or exoplanet?) -> exoplanet

Offer made for the exoplanet position (Feb 12)

University of Oklahoma, Dodge Family Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astronomy/Astrophysics (ad)

Application deadline 2024 January 15.

Interview requested.

Offer received (Feb 14), accepted (Feb 21)

University of Oklahoma, postdoc in Sun-like and low-mass stars (ad)

Application deadline Jan 15, 2024

Position filled 2024 February

Paris Observatory: postdoctoral position in theoretical and numerical cosmology (ad )

Application deadline Nov. 30, 2024

Rejection sent 22 January, so presumably decision made.

Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, ON (ad)

Application deadline Nov. 6, 2023

(interview email received Nov 29)

Any news? (Jan 15, 2024)

Offer made to Vishal Baibhav. (<-- when was this?)

Postdocs in cosmology and gravity at CEICO, Prague (ad ) Application deadline Nov. 26,  2023 (possibly extended, if so probably to sometime in January 2024)

Postdoc positions in multi-messenger astrophysics at Tohoku University (ad)

Application deadline Sep 26, 2023
University of Amsterdam, GRAPPA (Center of Excellence in Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics), two postdocs in gravitational wave physics and multimessenger astronomy (with Bertone & Nissanke, and Nissanke & Hinderer), (ad

Application deadlines: 1st Dec 2023 & 15th Dec 2023

210 applications received, shortlisted candidates contacted

University of Arizona, Steward Observatory Prize Fellowships (ad)

Application deadline Nov 30, 2023

Offers made (Steward Prize Fellowship in Cosmological Data Analysis, Jan 18. At least one offer accepted (Feb 5))

Any news on the Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Fellowship? Or was this part of the offers made on Jan 18? (Jan 29) Shortlisted candidates were invited for interviews.

Offer made and accepted. (<-- The theoretical one or the data analysis one?). The offer for the Steward Observatory Theory Fellowship. <--Thanks.

University of Arizona, postdoc in experimental time domain astrophysics (w/ Sand) (ad) Application deadline Jan 31, 2024
University of Arizona, postdoc in nearby galaxies and stellar populations (w/ Sand) (ad)

Application deadline Jan 31, 2024.

Any updates? (Feb 9) -- Interviews being held (Feb 13)

University of Bonn: various positions and fellowships in history and philosophy of physics (ad)

Two postdoc jobs, several fellowship positions; deadline 7 January

Rejection(s) sent on 15 April

University of California, Riverside, postdoc in experimental cosmology (w/ Choi) (ad) Review begins April 30, 2024. Open until filled

University of Central Lancashire, UK, 3yr postdoc in computational planet formation (w/ Stamatellos) (ad)

Application deadline March 14, 2024
University of Oslo, 18 postdoctoral research fellowships in Data Science and applications of Data Science to natural sciences (including astronomy and astrophysics) (ad) Application deadline April 14, 2024

University of Pennsylvania, data-oriented postdoctral fellowship in the Center for Particle Cosmlogy (ad)

Application deadline Dec 1, 2023.

Offer sent, shortlist notified

University of Southern California, postdoctoral positions in cosmology and gravitational waves (ad)

Application deadline Dec 18, 2023. News? (Jan 6)

Interview invitation recieved (Jan 15)

Offer made (Jan 25) incl. Nolan Smyth, Priyank Parashari

UT Austin Astronomy, Postdoctoral Fellows in Cosmology and LSS (ad)

Application deadline Dec 1, 2023.

Any news (Jan11) ?
Interview request received Jan 3

The University of Texas at Austin, Weinberg Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships in Gravitation (ad) Application deadline Nov 17, 2023. News? (Jan 6)
The University of Texas at Austin, Postdoctoral fellowship in gravitational-wave multi-messenger astrophysics and cosmology (ad) Application deadline Nov 17, 2023.
The University of Virginia GECO (Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology) Fellowships (ad)

Application deadline Dec 15, 2023.

(require recommendation letter on Dec 18, what's that supposed to mean?) <-- Where did you see that? (my references told me). Was this a generic request or only for shortlisted candidates? (Jan 5) <- They didn't mention anything else in the request email. Have interviews been scheduled yet? (Jan 9)

Interview invitation received Jan 12.

Wait list notified Jan 29. Any offers? At least two offers made. Two offers declined.

The University of Virginia VICO (Virginia Initiative on Cosmic Origins) Fellowships (ad) Application deadline Dec 15, 2023. At least some interviews taking place the week of Jan 8 (Jan 5). At least one offer made (Jan 19). One offer declined (Jan 31).
The University of Virginia VITA Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline Dec 20, 2023.

Any updates? (Feb. 3) ---> any offers yet? (Feb. 7)

Interviews week of Jan 22, expected offers by Feb 15

Rejection received (Feb 11, Feb 12).

Any offers? (Feb 15)

The University of Virginia Research Associate in Stellar Astrophysics (ad

Application deadline Dec 15, 2023.

Have references been requested? (Jan 2)

References requested (Jan 4) 

Any updates? (Feb 6)

Interviews week of Jan 22, expected offers by Feb 15

Rejection received (Feb 15)

Institute of Astrophysics, FORTH/University of Crete, Greece
Multiple postdoctoral positions in supermassive BHs, binaries and GWs (ad)

Application deadline Dec 15, 2023

Any news? (Jan 8, 2024)
Rejection: Feb 4, 2024

Flatiron Institute at New York City (NY) Flatiron Research Fellow position (postdoctoral) (ad)

Application deadline Nov 1, 2023; 
Some interview requests sent (Dec 7)

Any news? (Jan 24)

Offers made (Jan 26), incl. Andrea Antoni, Newlin Weatherford (declined)

Any waitlist notifications? -> yes (Jan 31)

Flatiron Institute at New York City (NY) Software Flatiron Research Fellow position (ad)

Application deadline Nov 1, 2023. Interview requests sent Dec 7.

Offer made Jan 26. <- Has the offer been sent to the candidate? <- Yes.  Ryan ??

Offer accepted Feb 8.

Johns Hopkins University, Postdoctoral Fellow (ad)

Application Deadline Dec. 1, 2023

Any news? (Feb 15)

University of Trento, 2 postdoc positions on novel strategies to look for dark energy (w/ Vagnozzi; ad)

Application deadline Jan. 10, 2024, 12:00 CET. Decision will be made very shortly afterwards.

62 applications received in total (51 complete and formally assessable). Committee will meet Jan 12 and Jan 15 and offers will be sent out week of Jan 15.

Two offers made and accepted.

KIPAC, Stanford University

Application Deadline Nov 3, 2023.

Some candidates invited to give short talks (Nov)

At least two offers made (Dec. 20). <-- Any rejections?

---> Some rejections received (Jan 16)

Simons Collaboration on Extreme Electrodynamics of Compact Sources (SCEECS)

Application deadline: November 15.

Shortlist candidates informed (Dec. 09). 

Offers made, including Peter Rau, Tushar Mondal, Karol Fulat, Mukul Bhattacharya.

Rejection received?

Any waitlist notifications?

KIPAC Rubin Commissioning and Operations Postdoctoral Research Associates (ad) Application Deadline Nov 3, 2023. Any news?
KASI-KIPAC Rubin Observing Specialist Fellowship (ad) Application Deadline Nov 24, 2023. Any news?
Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Astrophysics), (QUC) Application Deadline Dec. 31, 2023; Need separate applications for each position.
Korea Institute for Advanced Study (QUC fellow; non-tenured assistant professor) Application Deadline Dec. 31, 2023
Simons Junior Fellows (ad) Application Deadline Sep. 13, 2023. At least 1 offer was made on November 29.
Stanford Science Fellows (ad)

Application Deadline Oct. 13, 2023;

Interview requests sent Nov. 15th for Dec. 1 interviews

Offers sent December 14th, including to George Santos, Monica Gallegos-Garcia

Postdoctoral positions in Astrophysics, Cosmology, Gravitational Waves at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (ad)

Application Deadline Nov 1st, 2023. Shorlisted candidates called for interview.

Offers made (Not yet).

Postdoctoral position in multi-messenger/time-domain astrophysics at Washington State University (ad)

Application Deadline December 15, 2023

Any news? (18 Jan)

Was asked to upload application material on another portal on 11 Jan. Was everyone asked? Any news after that? (31 Jan)

Princeton Future Faculty fellowship (ad)

Application Deadline November 1st, 2023
Some interview requests sent December 1st

At least one offer made (Dec 22)

Multiple rejections received (Jan 26)

Are decisions still being made?

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyoto) postdoc on short gamma-ray bursts in binary neutron star mergers (ad)     Application Deadline December 27th, 2023
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyoto) postdoc "Theoretical studies for multi-messenger signals from strongly gravitating objects" (ad)     Application Deadline December 17th, 2023

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics postdoctoral fellow (ad)  

Application Deadline December 14th, 2023

ESO Garching fellowship program

Application Deadline Oct. 15th 2023. Shortlist candidates invited for interviews on Nov. 17th. Science talks and interviews happened on the week of Dec 4th. Some rejections and offers after interview sent Dec 13th. One offer declined (Jan 25).

Postdoctoral position in black hole astrophysics at Georgia Tech  (ad) Application Deadline Dec. 1 2023
Postdoctoral position in plasma/cosmic-ray astrophysics at the Observatory in Nice, France (ad) Application Deadline: December 15th, 2023
Postdoctoral Positions in Optical / Radio Survey Science -- Cosmology and Extragalactic at University of Wisconsin-Madison (ad)

Application Deadline: 15 December 2023

Some cosmology interviews held (1/18) Offer made (1/22)


Northwestern-UChicago Brinson Fellowship (ad)

Deadline Nov 6. News?

Offer made. Offer accepted: Sunil Simha (2/16)

Postdoctoral position with Lina Necib at MIT (ad) Application Deadline: 1 December 2023. News? Long list of candidates contacted (January 4). Rejection received Jan 8th. Rejection received Jan 15th. Offer received Feb 15th.
Pappalardo Fellowship, MIT (ad)

Some rejections received (Nov 3, Nov 17), some interview invitations sent (Nov 6). 

Updated shortlist from Pappalardo lunch guest list: Suzanne Bintanja, Kiersten Boley, Jiaqi Cai, Yi-Hsien Du, Sepehr Ebadi, Benjamin Sorkin, Aldana Grichener, Aaron Tohuvavohu, Kevin Zhou, Monica Gallegos-Garcia, Jens Hertkorn, Omer Granek, Guilherme Limberg, Samuel Bright-Thonney, Richard Nally, Chi-Fang Chen, Henry Shackleton

Some rejections after interview sent Dec 19th.

Some offers made (Dec 19)

Offers made to Monica Gallegos-Garcia, Aaron Tohuvavohu

Institute for Advanced Study membership (ad)

Application Deadline: Nov 15 2023.

Interview invitations sent (Dec. 18)

Offers made (Jan. 6). Waitlist notified (Jan. 8). Incl. Yue Hu, Nolan Smyth

Any rejection letters sent? (Jan. 17)

Offers include Mor Rozner

Rejection received (Feb 5, Feb 12)

YCAA Prize, Yale (link)

Application deadline: Nov 3 2023.

Interview invitations sent (Dec. 20)

Any news? (Jan. 16)

Any rejections received? (Jan 22)

Yes (Feb 2)

Offer made and accepted.

Rejections sent out (Feb 2)

Kavli Institute Fellowship and Gavin Boyle Fellowship, University of Cambridge (ad)

Application deadline: Oct. 16

Interview invitations sent (Nov. 28), incl. Anastasia Sokolenko, Yue Hu. Some rejections received (Dec. 4). 

Offers made and waitlist notified (Dec. 12).  Incl. Yue Hu

Offer made (Jan 26) and accepted (Feb 8) for Gavin Boyle Fellowship.

Kavli Institute Senior Fellowship in Exoplanets (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 12.

Some rejections received (Dec. 5)

Offer made.

Postdoctoral Fellow-Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 10 2023.

Some interview requests sent (Dec. 19)

At least one offer made (Jan. 13)

Carnegie EPL Postdoctoral fellowship (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 13 2023. News? Interview invitations will go out in January. At least some interview requests sent out (Jan 8). Have all interview requests been sent ? (Jan 10). <-- I think so, but not entirely sure. Interviews taking place the week of Jan 15th and 22nd. 100+ applicants for 6 positions (Jan 17).

Offers sent on Jan 24, including to Sierra Grant
Rejection(s) received (Jan 31)

University of Waterloo(ad)

Application Deadline: Nov 10 2023.

Interview invitations sent (Dec. 1).

First-round offers made (Jan. 11)

ITC fellowship, Harvard University (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 13 2023.

offers made (Dec. 14) to Oliver Zier, Monica Gallegos-Garcia, Andrea Antoni (declined)

Rejection received (Feb 1)

Clay/CfA fellowships, Harvard University (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 9 2023.

At least one offer made (Dec. 19). Rejection received (Dec 28) 

Was the offer for CfA or Clay? Have not received offer or rejection for either...  <--- the rejection email was for CfA and Clay combined; if you haven't received either then it could be possible that you're on a waitlist?

Did anyone get notified about being in the waitlist? (Jan 9)

PCTS fellowship, Princeton (ad)

Application deadline: Oct 15 2023.

interview invitations sent incl. Mor Rozner

Some rejections recieved (Dec 18)

Any offers? (Dec 30)

Miller fellowship, UC-Berkeley (ad

Application deadline: Oct 10 2023.

Offers made (Dec. 12), incl. Yue Hu (declined) and George Santos

NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 2 2023.

Offers made 1/26, including Andrea Antoni (declined), Michael Calzadilla, Jordy Davelaar, Monica Gallegos-Garcia (declined), Yue Hu, Wynn Jacobson-Galan, Jed McKinney, Teresa Paneque-Carreño (declined), Adam Smercina (STScI), Rafa Luque (UChicago), Lily Zhao (UChicago)

Rejections received, 521 applications, oversubsciption of 22 to 1 (Jan 26)

Do people in waitlist have some chances to get an offer? <-- Yes, offers get declined and they move onto the waitlist. The actual likelihood is hard to estimate.

1/30 some movement on waitlist

any updates? 2/12

Jaren Ashcraft, Vishal Baibhav, Kiersten Boley, Michael Calzadilla, Sanskriti Das, Jordy Davelaar, Alexander Dittmann, Cristhian Garcia-Quintero, Amelia (Lia) Hankla, Cheng-Han Hsieh, Yue Hu, Wynn Jacobson-Galán, Rafael Luque, Madeleine McKenzie, Jed McKinney, Keefe Mitman, Sarah Moran, Andrew Saydjari, Peter Senchyna, Raphael Skalidis, Adam Smercina, Shangjia Zhang, Lily Zhao, Sebastian Zieba

NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) November Cycle (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 1 2023.

some rejections recieved 1/12

Rejection Recieved 1/18

(for which centers? -- at least some for JPL)

Any updates? (Jan 26)

Any further acceptance/waitlist/rejection? (Jan 31)

Official offer made from NASA Goddard (Jan 30)

Reject received for GISS (Feb 1)

Pending status received for Goddard. Is it similar to a waitlist, and are there realistic chances of these being accepted in future? (Feb 1) -- I was told by my sponsor that this is equivalent to being shortlisted, not waitlisted. 

does it mean something if i haven't heard anything at all by now? (Feb2)

One GSFC offer accepted (Feb 12) - (Note that GSFC only had one opening for an NPP available this year.)

^^source? Also, one for the Nov 1 cycle or one for Nov, Mar, and Jul? <-- For the Nov 1 cycle; however, the Nov 1 cycle is historically allocated the most number of spots at Goddard, so if only one offer was made, then it is highly unlikely Mar/Jul will result in additional offers. (Is this based off direct information from their deciding committee, or is this from "informed speculation"?)  --> This is not true (source: I was also given an offer for Goddard, which I declined).

There actually were two opening slots for Goddard this cycle (also just hearsay that I heard). Sometimes if an adviser has funding on their own AND the proposal you wrote was ranked very highly, then the adviser can make the hire. However, sometimes even if the adviser has funding, but the larger group within Goddard has a lot of NPPs, then you might be waitlisted or shortlisted. It's a bit complicated and depends on the center you apply to, the specific group within the center you apply to, funding source (adviser's own funding or from the NPP funding pool), etc.

NASA-JPL: offers made in early February.

NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) March Cycle (ad) Application Deadline: March 1 2024, Any news?
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Michael Radica (UChicago)
Yale Mossman fellowship, Yale (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 15 2023.

Interview invitations sent (Dec. 8).

Offer made (Jan 5) and accepted (Jan 24).

Burke fellowships, Caltech (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 15 2023.

Offers made (Dec. 16), including Yue Hu, Marcus DuPont

MIT Kavli Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline: Dec 4 2023.

Offer made (Feb 12). - accepted?

Rejection received (Mar 4)

Was the waitlist notified?

MIT Juan Carlos Torres Fellowship in Astrophysics (ad) Application deadline: Dec 4 2023. Offer made (Jan 31, accepted Feb 14).
Lecturer in Discipline/Columbia Science Fellow (Frontiers of Science Fellow) (ad)

Application deadline: Jan 1 2024

Any news? (Feb 2)

Interview invitations sent (Feb 8)

Any update? (Feb 19)

THEA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 6 2023. Interview invitations sent (Dec. 6).

Offers made (Jan. 10), incl. Yue Hu (declined), Andrea Antoni

Have any rejection recieved? (Jan. 11)

Was the waitlist notified? 

Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship and Postdoctoral Positions in the Galaxies and Cosmology Department at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 30 2023. Applications accepted up to Dec 20th from those affected by ongoing armed conflicts.

Interview invitations for Fellowship position sent on Dec 18th.

Is there anyone else who didn't get anything? - Yes (Dec. 19th). <-- Any idea what would that mean? The different positions are shortlisted/interviewed separately, on different timescales. <-- Any interview for the position in Annalisa's group?

Offer received Jan 19 (fellowship) -- Guilherme Limberg (declined). Waitlist notified (Feb 6).

Any news for the position with Dr. Nadine Neumayer? (Feb 6) -- Interviews being held (Feb 9)

Any interview for the position with Anna de Graaff? (Feb 7) -> Offer accepted.

Rejection received? (Feb 07)

Some applicants have received neither rejections nor waiting-list notifications, so presumably not all has been decided (rejections usually sent only after all offers accepted).

Rejection received 1 March

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Kavli IPMU (ad)

Application deadline: Dec 1.

Zoom interviews Dec 18 - 29.

Offers made, incl. Minh Nguyen.

Jansky Fellowship, NRAO (https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/4d7b5e06)

Application deadline: Nov 1 2013. Any news? (Dec. 11) Interview invitations sent and waitlist notified (Dec. 21),  incl. Yue Hu

Rejection received (Jan. 4)

Offer received (Jan. 22)

Postdoctoral Fellowship LMU/Cambridge (ad)

Application deadline: Nov 26 2023. Any news?

Interview invitation received (Dec 17)

Offer made on Dec 22

Postdoctoral Position in Exoplanet Demographics & Gravitational Microlensing with Matthew Penny at Louisiana State University (ad) Application deadline: Dec 31 2023, open until filled.
STScI Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad)

Application deadline: Oct 6, 2023. 

At least some shortlisted candidates invited for video interviews in January (email sent Dec. 19th).

Anyone receive a rejection? (Dec 23.)

Offers made via phone call (Feb. 2) including Wynn Jacobson-Galan (declined), Sarah Moran (declined)

STScI Lasker Prize Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline: Oct 6th, 2023.

Offers and waitlist notifications sent (Jan 25)

Carnegie-Caltech Brinson Fellowship in Observational Astronomy (ad)

Application deadline: Oct 30, 2023. 

Interview invitation received Dec. 19

An offer was made (Jan 23).

Postdoctoral fellowship in numerical astrophysics & spectral modelling at EPFL(ad)

Deadline: December 8. Any news? some candidates invited for interviews late Dec.

Has anyone heard anything after the interviews (Feb. 5)?

Any updates (Feb 9)?

Offered and accepted by one of the candidates

McGill University Trottier Space Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad)

Application deadline: November 29.

At least one offer made Dec. 29

One offer turned down (2/7) -- Any updates on waitlist? (Feb 13)

iREx Trottier Postdoctoral Fellowship in Exoplanetary Science (ad) Application deadline: December 4. Offer made (Jan 16).
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Exoplanet Atmosphere Retrieval, Atmospheric Physics of Exoplanets (APEx) Department, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg (ad)

Application deadline: November 30.

Any news (Feb 7)?

Offers made.

Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship, Atmospheric Physics of Exoplanets (APEx) Department, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg (ad)

Application deadline: November 30.

Any news (Feb 7)?

Rejections received (Feb 14)

Chamberlain Fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (ad)

Application deadline: October 15. News?

At least one offer made (Dec 16)

Cosmology postdoctoral scholars at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (ad)

Application deadline: November 12. News? 

A few offers made (Jan 24).

Two offers accepted (Feb 7)

Percival Lowell Fellowship at Lowell Observatory (ad)

Application deadline: November 15.

Interview offers sent to shortlist December 21.

Any news? (Jan 31) Offer made to Alex Polanski (accepted Feb 1)

Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Application deadline: November 1.

Offer made (Dec. 20)

Was the waitlist notified? (Jan 6)

(At least some) rejections sent out Jan 26.

University of Michigan ELT Fellowship (ad)

Application deadline: December 1.

Shortlist candidates informed (Dec. 22). 

Offer made (Jan 5). > offer or interview? (Jan 16). < Offer.

Accepted (Feb 12)  Logan Pearce

McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellowship(ad)

Deadline: Nov. 10

Interview invitations sent (Jan. 5).

At least some rejections received (Jan 26) Waitlist notified incl. Nolan Smyth

UMass Amherst (w/ Katherine Whitaker, ad)

Deadline: Dec. 15

News? Interviews requested (Jan 19)

EPFL (w/ Jean-Paul Kneib, ad) Deadline: Jan. 5
CPAC in Argonne National Laboratory (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 16

Some interviews requested (1/18)

PSU (w/ Joel Leja, ad)

Deadline: Dec. 16

Interview requested: 12/29

DARK Postdoctoral Fellowships(ad)

Deadline: Dec. 4

Any news?

Rejection received(Jan 23)

DAWN Post-doctoral Fellowships (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 10

Any news?

Some interview invitations sent (13 Jan).

N3AS Fellowship

Deadline: Dec 1. 

Shortlisted candidates invited for interviews.

Offers have been made

Leinweber Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of Michigan) (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 20

Any news? (Jan. 16)

Interview requests for cosmo position sent (Jan. 23) <-- There are multiple positions? Is this one a postdoc or fellowship? Did anyone receive rejection? <-- there is also a high energy theory Leinweber position ad posted in addition to the cosmo/galaxy formation ad

Offer made to Stephanie O'Neil (cosmo) (declined)

Offer made to Ming-Feng Ho (cosmo).

Dean's Postdoc at University of Alabama (ad)

Deadline: Nov. 30

Any news? (Jan 16)


UCLA with Tommaso Treu (ad) Deadline: Nov. 30. Interview request received (Jan 10)
Cosmic Frontier Prize Postdoc at UT Austin (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 15. Interview request received (Jan 16)

Rejection Received (Feb 7)

Any movement on the waitlist? Have offers been accepted? (Feb 12)

Rejection received (Feb 13)

STScI with Marc Rafelski (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 15

Shortlist notified (Jan 16)

Offer made (Feb 14) One offer accepted (Feb 16)

Gemini Science Fellow (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 15

Any news? (jan 25) In the process of interviews.

IPI fellowship, Sorbonne 

Deadline: Nov. 3

Rejections received (Jan 2, Jan 4)

NOIRLab Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ad) Deadline: Dec. 15 (any news?) In the process of interviews.

Sullivan Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astrophysics at Indiana University (ad)

Deadline: Dec 1

News? (Dec 28)

Interviews requested (Jan 5)

Offer made (Jan 31, declined Feb 4). 

Any movement on the waitlist? (Feb 7) <-- Offer received (Feb 7)

Initial offers were not accepted, and due to the lateness in the job cycle, the committee decided not to make any more offers. The plan is to offer 2 positions next year.

Annie Jump Cannon Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Delaware (ad)

Deadline: Dec 6

Any updates? (Jan 16)

Recommendation letter request received (Jan 31)

Do you know how we submit the letters? None of my references received an email. <-- That means you didn't make it through the first round. Sorry. <-- sorry, should have been clear that I did receive the request to submit reference letters. However, no link was provided to my references or I.

Interview invitation received (Feb 28)

Offer made and accepted (Mar 25)

UC Berkeley (w/ Raffaella Margutti & Ryan Chornock, ad)

Deadline: Dec 11

Interview request received. (Jan 25)

Offer made (Feb 8) and accepted (Feb 22).

East Asian Core Observatories Association (EACOA) Fellowship (ad)

Deadline: Nov 15

Any News? (Jan 3)

Interview invitations sent (Jan 5)

MIT Kavli Institute (w/ Erin Kara, ad)

Deadline: Dec. 22

Any updates? (2/5) <-- Interviews have been scheduled already.

Multiple rejections received (2/13).

Offer made and accepted (Feb 22).

TAC Berkeley  Deadline: Dec 31

Any news? (Feb 11)
Duke University(ad)

Deadline: Dec.15

Interview invitations sent (1/11)

Some offers made (1/26)

Postdoctoral position with Anna-Christina Eilers at MIT (ad)

Deadline: Dec.1

Interview request received Dec 8

Any updates? (1/26)

Rejection received (Jan 29)

Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR) Fellowship, Hertfordshire (ad)

Deadline: Jan. 9

Any news (Feb. 7)?

Rejection received (Feb 17)

Cornell University (w/ Anna Ho, ad)

Deadline: Dec 15

Interview request received.

Wayne State University (https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/97c84b2a)

Deadline: Dec 1, 2023. Shortlisted candidates informed (Dec 22)

Any latest news? (Jan 19) 
Rejection received (Jan 15)

offer made?  (Jan 26)

TDLI fellowship in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (ad)

Shortlist notified (Jan 19)

Offer made (Jan. 22) including Kai Wang (declined)

IFPU postdoct (ad)

Shortlist notified (Jan 19)

Which of the three positions has been notified?

Upenn/Princeton postdoc in dark matter and galaxy formation (deadline Dec. 15) 

Any news? Interview request received Jan 15.

Any news? (Jan 30). Is the waitlist normally notified after the offer is made or Feb 15? 

Offer made to Stephanie O'Neil

postdoc at Durham (ad1ad2)

Deadline: Jan. 10

any news?

Interview invitations received Jan 22

Offer made (Feb 5) including Kai Wang

postdoc at Las Campanas Observatory (ad)

Deadline: Jan. 13

any news?

postdoc in Austin with John Chisholm (ad)

Deadline: Jan. 5

any news?

Rejection received (Mar 4)

Arizona State w/ Sanch Borthakur and Tim Heckman

Deadline: Jan 15

Shortlist notified (Jan 23)

PITT-PACC Langley Fellowship

Deadline: Jan 8

Any news? (Feb 8)

Rejection received (Feb 9)

Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration Postdoctoral Fellow (ad)

Deadline: Jan 8

Any news? (Jan 27)

References requested (Jan 30) Note: I did not receive an email notifying me that the references were requested. Make sure your references noticed the email.

Any updates? (Feb 28)

Rejection Received (Mar 26)

Geneva with Pascal Oesch

Deadline: Jan 19

Any news? (Feb 6)

Offer made and Rejection received (Feb 9)

Yale with M. Rice (ad)

Deadline: Dec 15

any news? Shortlist invited to interview (Jan 8)

Offer made (Jan 26)

Rejection recieved (Jan 29)

Yale with Earl Bellinger (ad) Any news? (Feb 13)

Offer accepted -- Pratik Gandhi (Feb 23)
MIT with S. Millholland

Deadling: Dec 15

Any news? (Feb 6)

Rejection received (Feb 23)

University of Michigan with Mary Anne Limbach (ad)

Deadline: Dec 19

Kavli-Laukien Fellowship (ad)

Deadline: Dec. 1

Any news? (Jan 29)

Rejection received (Feb 1)

MIT EAPS (Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences) Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad)

Deadline: Nov 30

Any news? (Jan 29)

Nevada Center for Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Any news? (Jan 30)

Interview invitation recieved Jan 24

Rejections received (Feb. 6)

Postdoc in Tsinghua with Hui Li (ad)

Deadline: Jan. 31  (~30 applications received)

Any news? (Jan 31)

Two offers made (Feb 13), and accepted (Mar 1).


Deadline: Jan. 15

News? (Feb. 4)

Research Associate - WAVES 4MOST, UWA (ad)

Deadline: Jan. 31

News? (Feb. 4)

STScI with Kristen McQuinn

Deadline: Dec 15

Has anyone received news after the interview? (Feb 6) --- rejection received on Feb 6 

I was told the decision will be out Feb 15th (Feb 7)

Offer received (Feb 13)

Amherst with Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi Interview request received 1/30
Postdoc at Harvard w/ Daniel Eisenstein

Deadline: Jan 31

Rejection received (Feb 5)

UC President's Fellowship (PPFP)

Deadline: 11/1

Website says offers expected "no earlier than March 31st"

Rejection received (Feb 16)

STScI - multiple positions in the ISM*@ST group (ad)

Deadline: Jan 15

Any updates? (Feb 13) --Rejection received (Feb 13)

Neil Gehrels Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)

Deadline: Dec 6

Any updates? (Feb 6) (Rejection received Jan 18)

UNC Asheville - Research and Teaching Fellowship w/ David Wake

Deadline: 1/30

Currently reviewing applications, will have Zoom interviews ~2/12, offer by 2/15

Interviews requested (Feb 7)

Offer made (Feb 15) and accepted (Feb 16)

Postdoctoral Fellow in Astrophysics @ Masaryk University (ad)

Deadline Jan 31. News? (Feb 6)

References requested (Feb 6)

Interview invitations sent (Feb 15)

Offer received (Feb 20), declined (Feb 21)

Offer received (Feb 29)

Postdoctoral Scholar @ Caltech/IPAC (ad) Deadline Feb 2. Any news? (Feb 7)
NuSTAR Postdoctoral Position @ Caltech (ad)

Deadline Jan 31. News? (Feb 6)

Any news? (March 5)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL/Caltech), Postdoc: Cosmological Studies (ad) Deadline Feb 10.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL/Caltech), Postdoc: Cosmology - Galactic Dust (ad) Deadline Feb 10.
Postdoc Position in Intermediate Mass Black Holes w/ Bauer & Chilingarian @ Universidad Catolica de Chile (ad) Deadline Feb 4. News? (Feb 14)
Postdoc Position in Dwarf Galaxies in Wide-Field Surveys w/ Kaviraj @ University of Hertfordshire (ad) Deadline Feb 4, News? (Feb 14)  
University of Hertfordshire w/ William Alston

Deadline 29 Jan 2024, Any news?

any update? (19 Feb)

Interviews took place this week (01 March)


Postdoctoral Position in Computational, Theoretical, or Data-Driven Cosmology @ University of Vienna with Oliver Hahn (ad)

Deadline Dec 29.

Interviews took place last week, offer is expected by the end of this week (8 Feb)

Research Associate (Galaxy Evolution with ALMA and JWST) @ ICRAR-UWA (ad) Deadline Jan 31. News? (Feb 7) -- Offer made (Feb 23)
DiRAC Postdoctoral Fellowship @ University of Washington (ad) Deadline Dec 5.

Reference letters requested in late Dec but I haven't heard anything else since - any news? (Feb 8), interviews were requested jan 16
Postdoctoral Fellow @ McMaster University (ad) Deadline Jan 8.

Any news? (Feb 8)  Offer made (Feb 15) Offer accepted (Feb 18)
Multiple Postdoc Positions at STScI and JHU -- PHANGS collaboration (ad)

Deadline Jan 31

Any news? (Feb 9) --> Interview invitations sent (Feb 12)

Research Associate on 21cm with SKA @Imperial College London w/ Jonathan Pritchard (ad)

Deadline Nov 27

Any news? (Feb 9)

Postdoctoral Researcher with “Medium Bands, Mega Science” (galaxy formation & evolution using JWST data) at CU Boulder w/ Wren Suess

Deadline Jan 10

Any news? (Feb 14)

Offer made (~ Feb 15)

Postdoctoral Scholar @ Caltech/IPAC in High-Redshift Galaxy Research (ad)

Deadline Dec 20

31 applications.

offer made, decision by 2/20, offer accepted (2/22)

Postdoctoral Scholar @ Clemson University w/ Jonathan Zrake and Jeffrey Fung (ad - broadly in computational astrophysics, machine learning, artificial intelligence)

Deadline 4/15

Accepting and reviewing applications

Galaxy evolution with JWST and Euclid (ad) @ Saint Mary's University, Canada

Deadline Jan 15

Any news? (17 Feb)

Rejections received (22 feb)

Time domain astronomy @Texas Tech University w/ M. Fausnaugh (ad)

Deadline 16 Feb

Any News? (7 March)

San Sebastian - Zurich joint postdoc position (ad)

Deadline (Feb 13)

Interview invitation received (Mar 5)

Offer made and accepted


University of Bristol w/ Andrew Young


Deadline: 3 March

Any update? (14 March)


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