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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)

AIP Potsdam/Potsdam University (ad)

Interviews scheduled for January: including Shy Genel, Michaela Hirschmann, Christoph Pfrommer, Sijing Shen
ASIAA (http://jobregister.aas.org/job_view?JobID=53017) Three offers made this round. One accepted.
Amherst College (astro, ad)

Due November 1, 2015. About 150 applications. Candidates contacted for phone interviews (Dec 18).   On-campus interviews scheduled in January and February, shortlist consists of Michael Dunham, Cara Battersby, Katherine Whitaker, Katherine Follette, and Rachel Bezanson (from seminar schedule).  Some rejections sent (Jan 13).    Offer made and accepted.

Aarhus University, Denmark (ad)

Exoplanets, Due April 1, 2016
Bates College (ad)

Candidates contacted for skype interviews (Nov. 17). Candidates invited for on-campus interviews in December and January.    Aleks Diamond-Stanic (obs) Jeff Oishi (th). 

Bishop's University Tier II Canada Research Chair (ad) Four candidates interviewed. Shortlist includes Ashley Ruiter.  Offer made.
Boston University (solar/helio physics) (astro, ad) Candidates interviewed (Feb/Mar 2016). Shortlist includes Wen Li, Maria Kazachenko, Slava Merkin, and Amir Caspi. Offer made to Wen Li (April 2016) and accepted.
Botswana International University of Science and Technology (ad)

Offers made (March 2016): Garry Angus (Snr. Lect), Valerio Ribeiro (Snr. Lect), one more offer pending at Prof. level

Offers  accepted.

University of Canterbury, New Zealand (astro, ad) Offer made to Simone Scaringi
University of Cape Town (MAM,ad) NEW Due April 22, 2016.
California Institute of Technology (physics, ad) Short shortlist made, letters requested.
California Institute of Technology (astro, ad) Several candidates invited. Some rejection letters sent for shortlisted candidates (3/26). Letters requested. Offers made to Andrew Howard and Jim Fuller.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (physics, ad) Due October 1, 2015. Short-listed candidates invited for on-campus winter interviews, including Daniel Grin.
California State University, Chico (2 positions, ad) Review of applications underway (12/3)
Carleton College (ad) Due October 23, 2015.  Some rejections sent mid-November, others January 8. Implied not looking for an astronomer.
Carnegie Mellon (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Some candidates invited for on-campus interviews (12/22). Shortlist includes Adrian Liu, Elizabeth Krause, Sergey Koposov, Anthony Pullen, Andrew Wetzel. Some rejection letters sent. Offer made to Sergey Koposov.
Case Western Reserve University (ad) Due December 15th. Shorlist made:  Kurt Hinterbichler, Amol Upadhye, Emanuela Dimastrogiovanni, Pavel Fileviez Perez. Offer made to Pavel Fileviez Perez.
Center for Computational Astronomy, The Flatiron Institute (Associate Research Scientist; ad) Offers made, including Chris Hayward, Matteo Cantiello, Dan Foreman-Mackey, Shy Genel.
CNAP (France, ad)

Seven junior permanent positions. 113 applications received. Interviews scheduled on April 4 to 6. Offers made. Hakim Atek, Pierre Gratier, Annie Hughes, Lorenzo Matteini, Alexis Matter, Alexandre Santerne, Ferréol Soulez

Six senior positions. 23 applications received. Interviews scheduled on March 24 & 25. Offers made. Emmanuel Bertin, Marian Douspis, Agnès Fienga, Ana Palacios, Filippo Pantellini, Natalie Webb

CNRS (France, ad) Four junior permanent positions (3 CR2 + 1 CR1) and six senior positions (DR2). Due Jan 6th. Shortlist on Feb. 16 for junior positions (everyone shortlisted automatically for senior positions). Shortlist of 61 for the 3 CR2 positions and of 24 for the 1 CR1 position. Interviews from March 7 to March 11, 2016. Offers made. CR1: Antoine Gusdorf. CR2: Frederic H. Vincent, Caroline Freissinet, Nicolas Clerc
Dartmouth College (theoretical/computational plasma physics/astrophysics, ad)

Due January 11, 2016. Have references been contacted? Some references contacted around January 15, 2016.

Davidson College (physics ad) Due November 1, 2015.  Skype interviews were mid December. Judging by seminar schedule, looks like no astronomers.
ESO Operations Staff Astronomer (ad) Second round of interviews/visits conducted: Luca Sbordone, Florian Rodler

ESO Adaptive Optics Scientist -  Operations Staff Astronomer (ad)

 Shortlist made. Some candidates invited for a video interview, among which Julien Girard, Julien Milli, Mamadou N'Diaye

ESO Outreach Astronomer (ad)

 Shortlist made. Some candidates invited for a video interview, among which Annalisa Calamida. Offer not made yet. Some rejection emails sent.

ESO VLTI Programme Scientist (ad) Due April 30th, 2016.
Exeter (ad) Interviews scheduled for November
Florida Institute of Technology Offer made 
George Mason University (ad)

Due January 29, 2016.  Offer made (declined).  Second offer made (declined).

George Washington University (ad)

Short list is formed. Candidates invited for on campus interview. From the astro colloquium schedule: Eleonora Troja, Sylvain Guiriec. Offer made to Sylvain Guiriec

Gran Telescopio CANARIAS, Support Astronomer (La Palma, Canaries; ad) Due September 30, 2015. Almost 30 applications received. Rejection letters sent. Candidates interviewed. Offer accepted.

Haverford College (physics; ad)

Due October 31, 2015. ~200 applications received. Candidates invited to campus for January and February interviews. Offer made to Daniel Grin (accepted).
Harvey Mudd College (physics; ad) Due November 6, 2015. ~240 applications received. Candidates invited to campus for interviews. Rejection e-mails sent. Offer made.
Hillsdale College (physics)  
Johns Hopkins (ad) Due December 1, 2015.

Short List: Ibrahima Bah, Christopher Beem, Yanou Cui, Yonit Hochberg, Eric Kuflik,Jeremy Mardon,David Vegh

Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics - Peking University Offers made and accepted: Jing Wang, Sourav Chatterjee
Lafayette College (physics; ad) Due October 31, 2015 Rejections sent May 9, 2016
Lancaster University, UK (planetary science/space physics; ad) Due May 8, 2016. Some rejection emails sent to non-shortlisted candidates (May 17).
Lancaster University, UK (observational astrophysics; https://hr-jobs.lancs.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=A1526) Due June 3, 2016. Rejection e-mails sent to those not short-listed (12am 18thJune).

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (ad)

Due December 8, 2015. Some shortlisted candidates notified (12/23). 
Lewis & Clark College (physics; ad) Due October 5, 2015. Short-listed candidates invited for on campus interviews in January and February. Offer made to Daniel Grin
Liverpool John Moores University (multiple posts; ad) Due March 31, 2016. Longlist notified. Longlist Skype interviews taking place 4/5 May - 14 candidates longlisted.  Shortlist made, candidates invited for interviews May 24 and 26. Offers made, including Daniel Perley.
Lowell Observatory (ad) Due November 1, 2015. Nearly 100 applications received. References requested 12/2. Some rejections sent 12/2; more rejections sent 1/14. Short list made. Offer made to Joe Llama 
LSU Tabetha Boyajian and Manos Chatzopaulos
Magellan Instrument Scientist (ad)
Due September 1, 2015. Konstantina Boutsia (?)
Marseille, Laboratory of Astrophysics (ad) Due February 29th. Note this is a position reserved for disabled people. Disability is broadly defined and includes insulin-dependent diabetes and poor eyesight for instance. Speaking French is not required for the position and everyone is more than welcome to apply.
Memorial University (physics or astro; ad) Due October 16, 2015. Candidates invited for on-campus interviews, including Robert Ferdman, Hilding Neilson
MIT (gravitational waves; ad) Interviews underway.  Short list includes Ben Farr. Offer made to Salvatore Vitale.
Montclair State University (ad) Due December 5, 2015.  Phone interviews scheduled for mid-January (12/24), including Gianfranco Gentile.  Shortlisted candidates invited for on-campus interviews (1/21), including Robert Ferdman. 
Mount Holyoke College ( ad) Due November 1, 2015.   Phone interviews happened end of October, beginning of November. From their facebook page, looks like interviews were in November/December. 
New York University, CCPP (ad) Shortlisted candidates invited (12/29), including Anthony Pullen, Robert Penna, Tanja Hinderer. Offered to Yacine Ali-Haïmoud, Anthony Pullen and one other candidate.
Northern Arizona University: (astro and/or planets, two positions; ad) Around 100 applications received; phone interview candidates contacted; some candidates invited for campus visits: Chris Edwards, Chad Trujillo, Rory Barnes (declined).
Northwestern (ad) Short list: Tim Brandt, Brani Sesar, Jennifer Yee, Ryan Foley, Raffaella Margutti. Offers made to Ryan Foley and Raffaella Margutti. 
Notre Dame (women only; ad) Due December 7, 2015
Ohio State (ad) Shortlist notified and invited for interviews.  Shortlist includes Fabienne Bastien, Brendan Bowler, Tim Brandt, Jim Fuller, Jennifer Yee.
Peking University - Dept of Astronomy Offer made to Xian Chen
Penn State (astronomy) Offer made to Fabienne Bastien
Penn State (physics; ad) Offers made to Maria del Carmen Carmona Benitez and Luiz de Viveiros
University of Potsdam (stellar astrophysics; ad) The process prolonged due to the large number of candidates and "some legal issues". No shortlist yet (Nov 16th). 
Princeton (ad) Due November 15, 2015. Interviews underway. Shortlist includes Daniel Foreman-Mackey, Irina Zhuravleva. Are there separate shortlists for a joint hire with another department and an astro-only hire? Some rejection letters sent.
Rockhurst University (Physics; ad) Due October 26, 2015.  Offer made and accepted.
Saint Mary's University, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (ad) Due December 31, 2015. Candidates contacted for Skype interviews (1/25).  Short-list invited for on-campus interviews (2/18), including Mike Dunham.
San Diego State (ad) Due December 15, 2015. Skype interviews scheduled (1/21). Candidates invited for interviews (2/15). Rejection letters send (5/7). Offer made.
San Jose State (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Some phone interviews arranged (1/15). Some rejections sent (02/17). Shortlist includes Ian Crossfield. Some interviews have taken place. Offers made to Elisabeth Mills and one other.
San Francisco State University (Physics/Astro Education Research, ad) Due December 11, 2015. Offer made and accepted.
SLAC (Panofsky) Candidates invited
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (ad)

Due December 4, 2015. Recommendation letters requested via e-mail to candidates (12/21). Some on-site interviews scheduled (2/3). Some rejection letters sent by email (2/11). 10 people shortlisted for 2 positions: David Patterson, Jennifer Yee, Christian Johnson, William Dawson, Martha Boyer, Stephanie LaMassa, John Tobin, Michael Johnson,  Ryan Allured.   Offer made Jennifer Yee and John Tobin (declined).

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Astrophysicist, ad) Due March 4, 2016.  Shortlist (Interviews September): 

Daniel Proga, Aneta Siemiginowska, Scott Ransom, Jeremy Drake, Guillermo, Kate Su

Springer-Nature Astronomy Editor in Chief Rubina Kotak (declined)
Stockholm University (tenure track position in astronomy, ad) 75 applications received. Candidates invited to interview: Oscar Agertz, Yacine Ali-Haïmoud, Katherine Mack, Evan O'Connor, Daniel Perley, Stefania Salvadori. Interviews conducted (5/3). Offer made to Evan O'Connor
SUNY Fredonia (physics/astronomy; ad) Due December 15, 2015. Phone interviews underway (late January).  On-campus interviews scheduled for early March (2/26).  Offer made (on 3/15) to Mike Dunham.
Susquehanna University (physics; ad) Some candidates contacted for phone interviews (Oct 30). On-campus interviews arranged (Nov 11).
Universidad Catolica de Norte (ad) Shortlist made. Interviews underway.
Universidad de Antofagasta (ad) Shortlist made. Some interviews scheduled.
Universidad de Atacama (ad) Due March 18, 2016
Universidad de Concepcion (ad) Due November 30, 2015. Some invitation  for interviews (Jan 28).
Universidad Diego Portales (ad) Due December 31, 2015. Some invitation for interviews sent (11 Jan). Some rejections sent 1/15
University of Amsterdam (exoplanets, ad) Due February 1st, 2016. Interviews scheduled. Short list made. Offer made to Jayne Birkby.
University of Arizona, Earth Dynamics Observatory (includes comparative planetology, instrument/mission development, remote sensing, etc. cluster hire, ad)

Review of applications began 9 November 2015. Shortlist made; see colloquia schedule.
At least one offer made (<4/22).

University of Arizona, Space Object Behavior Studies cluster hire (ad) Shortlist made for some positions; offers made for some positions (4/8)
University of Arizona, Lunar & Planetary Lab, Solar and Heliospheric Physics (ad)

Candidates invited for interviews (2/9); shortlist created (see colloquia schedule). Offer made.

University of Arizona, Lunar & Planetary Lab, Planetary Science (ad)

Shortlist derived from colloquium schedule includes: Megan Schwamb, Burkhard Militzer, Tommi Koskinen, Xuening Bai, Matija Ćuk.

University of Bath 50th Anniversary Prize Fellows (ad) Vicky Scowcroft
University of Bath (ad) Interviews held in October, including Susumu Inoue. Offer made to Hendrik van Eerten.
University of California, Berkeley (ad) Some members of shortlist contacted. Shortlist includes Sarah Ballard, Courtney Dressing, Cara Battersby.  Two offers made. Offer accepted by Jessica Lu.   So: what next (7/2)? Second offer declined.  Another offer made; also declined.  Working on a third offer (Jan 6 2017). Offer accepted by Courtney Dressing.
University of California, Davis Due November 15, 2015. Some candidates invited for interviews (1/15). Shortlist includes Chris Hayward, Adrian Liu, Kate Rubin, Andrew Wetzel, Zhaohuan Zhu, Ian Crossfield. Two offers made, including Andrew Wetzel.
University of California, Irvine Aomawa Shields
University of California, Riverside (ad) Shortlist candidates invited, including Gordan Krnjaic, Yanou Cui, Eder Izaguirre, David McKeen, Yacine Ali-Haïmoud. Offer made to Eder Izaguirre (rejected). Offer made to Yanou Cui and Phil Tanedo.
University of California, San Diego (experimental cosmology, ad) Due April 4, 2016. Shortlist includes Tom Essinger-Hileman.
University of California, San Diego (excellence chair, ad) Shortlisted candidates invited, including Yacine Ali-Haïmoud, Kate Rubin. Offer made to a condensed matter physicist.
University of California, Santa Barbara (ad) Shortlisted candidates contacted.  Two offers made.  One declined.
University of California, Santa Cruz (astronomy, ad) Due December 7, 2015. Shortlist made, and all candidates contacted. Rejections sent out. Two offers made and accepted.
University of California, Santa Cruz (planetary science, ad) Candidates invited: Hao Cao, Caleb Fassett, Seth Jacobson, Marisa Palucis, Myriam Telus, Kevin Walsh.  Offer made to Myriam Telus.
University of Central Florida (planetary surfaces/exploration, ad) Due November 15, 2015
University of Chicago (ad) Due October 15, 2015
Shortlist made. Includes Damiano Caprioli, Anthony Pullen, Sasha Tchekhovskoy, John Tobin (and others). Offer made to, and accepted by, Damiano Caprioli 
University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) Offers made to Stephen Justham, Roberto Soria
University of Cincinnati (ad) Due December 15, 2015. Shortlist includes Steve Hailey-Dunsheath, Regina Caputo, Sanch Borthakur, Keith Bechtol, Colin Bischoff, Anthony Pullen, Ilias Cholis.  Interviews will be completed March 1.


University of Colorado, Boulder (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Shortlist made Jan 13 and candidates invited for interview. Shortlist includes Ian Crossfield. Offer made to Zachory Berta-Thompson and Ann-Marie Madigan.
University of Colorado, Boulder (solar physics, 50% appointment with Nat'l Solar Obs.) (ad) Three candidates interviewed (March/April 2016). Shortlist includes Tiago Pereira, Adam Kowalski, and Rebecca Centeno Elliott. Offer made to and accepted by Adam Kowalski.
University of Connecticut (ad)

Due December 31, 2015.  Candidates contacted for Skype interviews (1/19).  On-campus interviews scheduled for February.  3 offers made and accepted: Cara Battersby, Jonathan Trump, and Kate Whitaker.

University of East Anglia (ad) Due March 18, 2016.  Offer made to, and accepted by, Robert Ferdman.
University of Florida Astronomy (ad) Due January 15, 2016.  Some candidates invited for on-campus interviews (2/1).  Offer made and accepted by Desika Narayanan.
University of Florida Physics (ad) Due January 15, 2016. Shortlist includes Ilya Mandel, Anthony Pullen, Dan Grin, Laura Blecha, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Nicolas Yunes.  Offer made.
University of Guelph/Perimeter (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Shortlist includes Aron Wall, Huan Yang
University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy (ad) Due November 16, 2015. Rejections received by email (Dec 18). Shortlist is Chris Hayward, Bjorn Benneke, Daniel Perley, Eddie Schlafly, Daniel Huber, and Tucker Jones.
University of Hawaii at Hilo (ad) Due June 30, 2016. Some phone interviews August 2016.
University of Hertfordshire (ad) >180 applications received. Invitations sent to applicants on short list. James Dale, Dan Smith
University of KwaZulu-Natal (ad) Due December 31, 2015
University of Lousiville (ad) Seven candidates invited for interview from among >100 applicants, including 2 astronomers and 5 physicists.  One offer made to a physicist, declined, accepted by another physicist (6/7).  Benne Holwerda
University of Maine (ad) Review of applications will begin February 22, 2016
University of Miami (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Shortlist includes John Appel, Tom Essinger-Hileman, Laura Newburgh, Steve Hailey-Dunsheath, Elena Rasia. Offered to Laura Newburgh
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (physics) (ad) 443 applicants from all fields; 2 astros on shortlist, including Laura Newburgh, Blake Sherwin
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (astronomy) Offer made to Fabienne Bastien
University of Missouri (ad) Due February 29, 2016. Reference letters requested. Position cancelled due to budgetary concerns.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (ad)

Due January 1, 2016.  Letters requested in email to long-list applicants (1/15).  All short-list candidates invited for on-campus interviews (2/5). Offer made to Zhaohuan Zhu

University of North Georgia (ad) Due March 31, 2016. Offer made to Gregory Feiden.
University of Oklahoma (ad)

Due November 1, 2015, some candidates contacted for phone/Skype/AAS interviews: Jake Simon

Colloquium schedule indicates a short list has been made and includes: John Tobin, Sean Brittian and Alaina Henry.  

Offer made and accepted by John Tobin.

University of Oxford (ad) Particularly looking for people with expertise in exoplanets, Solar System planets, and deep-time Earth paleoclimate. Due September 28, 2016. Short list includes Yamila Miguel.
University of the Pacific (ad) Due December 15, 2015. About 220 applications received
University of Pittsburgh Due November 15, 2015. Shortlist candidates contacted (Dec 18) and scheduled for interviews. Interviews will be concluded the last week of February. Short list includes Rachel Bezanson, Elisabeth Krause, Gail Zasowski.
University of Toronto (ad)

Due December 1, 2015. Some shortlisted candidates invited for on-campus interviews (01/19). Shortlist includes Sarah Ballard, Ian Crossfield.  Rejection emails sent (2/25).  Offer made to Tim Brandt.

University of Utah (ad) Due December 1, 2015. 167 applicants.  Some rejection letters sent (Dec 17).  Shortlist candidates contacted (Dec 17) and scheduled for interviews.  Offers made and accepted: Gail Zasowski, Daniel Wik.
University of Victoria (ad)

Due December 10, 2015.  Some candidates contacted for phone interviews (1/11).  Rejection emails sent (1/26). Candidates invited for interviews on site (2/4).  Shortlist of 4.  Offer made to Adam Muzzin (declined).

University of St. Thomas (physics) (ad) Due January 4, 2016. Some phone interviews scheduled. Rejections sent (2/10)
Washington University (St. Louis) (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Rejection letters sent. Shortlist includes Gordan Krnjaic, Bhupal Dev, David McKeen. Offer made to Kurt Hinterbichler (declined).  Offer made to Bhupal Dev and accepted.
West Virginia University (ad) Due November 15, 2015.  Short list notified (Dec 10) includes Sarah Burke Spolaor, Stefano Valenti, Eleonora Troja, Jonathan Trump.  Offer made to and accepted by Sarah Burke Spolaor
Westminster College (physics) Due November 16, 2015. Skype interviews scheduled (Dec 17). Julia Kamenetzky
West Chester University (physics, 2 positions) (ad) Due December 15, 2015. Phone interviews scheduled (Late January). Short-listed candidates for high energy/nuclear theory position invited for on-campus interviews (2/10). Offer made and accepted for high energy/nuclear theory. Ian Morrison
Willamette University (physics/optics, ad) Due December 1, 2015
Williams College (ad) Due November 1, 2015. 2 offers made, 1 to Aomawa Shields. Offer made to Catherine Kealhofer
Yale (physics) (ad) Due November 1, 2015. Shortlist includes Laura Newburgh, Tom Essinger-Hileman, Danny Jacobs, Abigail Crites. Offered to Laura Newburgh.
York University (ad) Due December 1, 2015. Some shortlisted candidates invited for on-campus interviews (01/19).  Rejections sent (1/22).  Two offers made, one to Adam Muzzin
Fermilab Wilson Fellowship (ad) Due October 30, 2015



Science Staff and Management Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
AAVSO (ad) Due December 15, 2015. Interviews being scheduled for the weeks of February 29th and March 7th. Rejection emails sent. Position not being filled this year.
American Museum of Natural History (ad) Waiting for applications. Interviews late July/early August 2016.

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium (ad)

Interviews took place December 16+17, 2015
ASTRON General and Scientific Director  (ad) Interviews underway.
ATC Edinburgh, Instrument Scientist/Astronomer Rejection letters sent. Invitations for interview sent. First round of interviews completed (25/11). Second round underway. Short list includes Martha Boyer, Iain McDonald
E-ELT/METIS Calibration Scientist & Faculty -Leiden (ad) Applications due March 31st 2016. Interviewed: Denis Defrère, Melissa McClure, Leonard Burtscher, Julien Girard. Final shortlist: Leonard Burtscher, Julien Girard.
European Space Agency @ STScI  - JWST NIRSpec Instrument Calibration Scientist due Jan 11 2017
Florida Space Institute, Research Scientist (ad - position number 42542)

Review of applications will start in March 2016. 

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (ad) - Civil Servant position in Code 670, Chief of the Solar Physics Laboratory Position listed on usajobs.gov. Application closed January 11, 2016. Longlist phone interviews conducted. Shortlist includes Jeffrey Newmark, Therese Kucera, Alex Pevtsov, Nick Arge, and Simon Plunkett. Offer made to Jeffrey Newmark (declined). Offer made to and accepted by Nick Arge.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (ad) - Civil Servant position in Code 667, the Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Lab Position listed on usajobs.gov. Application closed April 25. Two offers have been made and accepted, Elisa Quintana, Josh Schlieder.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (ad) - Civil Servant position in Code 667 (Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Lab) for WFIRST coronagraphy Applications due Aug 1, 2016. Neil Zimmerman
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (ad) - Experimental Astrophysicist civil servant position in X-ray group 

Phone interviews with four candidates in June 2016.

Offer made in July 2016.

Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India (Director) Short list of three interviewed, Somak Raychaudhury
JPL Exoplanets (ad) Short list includes: Avi Shporer

JPL: Deputy Chief Scientist, NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program


Rejection letters sent. Interviews completed.

Offer made and accepted, Eric Mamajek

JPL Radio Cosmology Scientist (Senior position). Apply via a single pdf of cover page, CV including publications, and reference contact information, to http://careerlaunch.jpl.nasa.gov, Job ID 2016-6179.

Applications being accepted through May 5; reviews and interviews ongoing. 
Keck Support Astronomer (ad) Due November 1, 2015.  On site interviews held. Josh Walawender
LPI, Director of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (ad)  
Gemini-North Assistant/Associate Scientist

 Julia Scharwächter received an offer and accepted, Meg Schwamb

Gemini-South Assistant Scientist

Due April 30, 2016. Any news after a month?
MMT Queue Observers (ad) Two offers made and accepted
MMT Assistant Staff Scientist Due July 8, 2016. Any news?
NExScI Exoplanet Archive Scientist (ad) Due November 1, 2015. Recommendation letters requested. Short list invited to full day interview, including: Avi Shporer.  Offer made and accepted (?)
NRAO, Socorro, Assistant Scientist (ad)

First round of interviews held. Second round of interviews completed. Two offers made: Amy Kimball and Frank Schinzel

NRAO, Socorro, Assistant Scientist (ad) Phone interviews requested (6/17). Face-to-face visits requested (7/11)
NSO, Boulder, EPO Officer (ad) Application deadline December 31. Some rejection letters sent (2/9).

SKA Project Scientist (ad)

Due February 29.   About 30 applications received. Any updates? Shortlist of 4 will be interviewed.  Shortlist includes Nithyanandan Thyagarajan.
Smithsonian Institution, Astrophysicist, Chandra Director's Office (ad) Due July 31 2015. Short list includes: Vallia Antoniou, Daniel Castro, Cecilia Garraffo, Rodolfo Montez, Tea Temim
STScI (Director) Ken Sembach
LSST SQuaRE Observatory Scientist (ad) Due December 15, 2015. Shortlisted candidates contacted. Some rejections sent (2/18).
STScI Support Scientist

Some candidates invited for interviews (1/5). Including: Aida Wofford.  Some offers made (5/31).

STScI Research & Instrument Analyst (ad) Due February 29 2016. Rejection letters sent.
ESA/AURA Astronomer at STScI Shortlist made, including Yicheng Guo, Martha Boyer. Some candidates invited for on-site interviews. Offers made to Martha Boyer, Kevin Stevenson, Grant Tremblay (declined)
Univ. of Manchester, Sir Bernard Lovell Chair in Astrophysics and Director of Astronomy and Astrophysics  - JBCA & JBO).  (ad)

Shortlist made, interviews held 1/11.  Offer made: M. Garrett (1/11), accepted 1/26


Univ. of North Georgia, Planetarium Director (ad) Rolling deadline, open until filled.
University of Washington: LSST Research Faculty (ad) Eric Bellm




Faculty Shuffle

Person (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Guillermo Blanc Universidad de Chile, Chile

Carnegie Observatories / LCO

Michael R. Meyer ETH Zürich (current)

University of Michigan (September, 2016)

Ezequiel Treister Universidad de Concepcion, Chile P. Universidad Catolica de Chile
Jo Dunkley Oxford University Princeton University
Somak Raychaudhury Presidency University, Kolkata, India IUCAA, Pune, India
Karl Stapelfeldt NASA Goddard (Exoplanets & Stellar Astrophysics Lab Chief) Jet Propulsion Laboratory             
(NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Chief Scientist)
Ravit Helled  Tel-Aviv University

University of Zurich

Gil Holder McGill UIUC

Ruth Murray-Clay

University of California, Santa Barbara

 University of California, Santa Cruz

Ryan Foley University of Illinois

University of California, Santa Cruz

Desika Narayanan Haverford College University of Florida
Alexie Leauthaud Kavli IPMU

University of California, Santa Cruz

Kevin Bundy

Kavli IPMU

University of California Observatories

B. Sathyaprakash  Cardiff Penn State 
Jessica Lu Univ. of Hawaii University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Howard Univ. of Hawaii Caltech
Veronique Petit Florida Inst. of Technology University of Delaware
Chad Bender Penn State University of Arizona / Steward Obs.
Eric Mamajek Univ. of Rochester

Jet Propulsion Laboratory             
(NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Deputy Chief Scientist)

Hilke Schlichting MIT UCLA
Joshua Winn MIT Princeton


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