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Postdoc or Term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical)

People (in boldface if accepted)

Postdoc position at the APC laboratory at the University of Paris
Application deadline June 30, 2022. Interviews conducted.
Postdoc position in experimental astroparticle physics (DEAP, DarkSide, Argo) at Astrocent / Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (https://inspirehep.net/jobs/2071433) Applications deadline May 14, 2022.

Postdoc position on Cosmology with GW at University of Padova (https://inspirehep.net/jobs/2059861)

Applications deadline April 29, 2022. Offer made to Jesus Torrado.
University of Würzburg, Germany, High-Energy Multi-messenger Astrophysics (ad) Applications encouraged before March 20, 2022.
Postdoctoral Fellowship in the High Energy Physics, Cosmology & Astrophysics Theory (HEPCAT) group at the University of Cape Town (UCT) (ad)
New position. Now accepting applications until end April 2022.
51 Pegasi b Fellowships (ad)
Applications due Oct. 1, 2021. Some offers sent (Jan 25, decision by Feb 15). At least five waitlisted notified and some rejections sent (Jan 31). Final list: Brittany Miles (UArizona), Paul Dalba (UCSC), Leonardo Krapp (UArizona), Malena Rice (MIT), Eva Scheller (MIT), Shreyas Vissapragada (Harvard), J.J. Zanazzi (Berkeley), Michael Zhang (UChicago).
AIP Potsdam, Postdoc in extragalactic astronomy (w/ Wisotzki, Krajnovic, ad) Applications due Dec 17, 2021. Longlist created, request for reference letters sent. Offer made and accepted (Feb 18).
AIP Potsdam, Postdoc in CGM studies (w/ Wisotzki, ad) Due. Jan 10, 2022. Interviews conducted, offer made and accepted, some rejections sent (Jan 24).
AIP Potsdam Schwarzschild Fellowship (ad) Applications due Dec 20, 2021. Request for reference letters sent Jan 16, 2022. Shortlisted candidates invited for interview Jan 21, 2022. Offer made to Piyush Sharda (declined).
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) Fellowships (ad)
Deadlines for Astrophysics Nominations Oct 23, 2021. Full Fellowship applications due Nov 15, 2021. Shortlisted candidates contacted to submit full application (Nov 9).
ARI/ZAH, Heideberg University (w/ Kathryn Kreckel, ad) Due. Dec 10, 2021. Some rejections sent (Feb 2; total 18 applications received).
Ariel University, Gale Fellowship (w/ Amit Kashi, ad) Round 2 for applications is due June 6th, 2022.
Arizona State University - Observational astrophysics and computational science postdoctoral scholar (ad) Applications due Dec. 13, 2021.
Arizona State University - Exploration Fellowship in Earth and Space Sciences (ad) Applications due Dec. 15, 2021. Any news? Some rejections sent (March 16)
ASIAA Postdoc Positions (ad) Applications due Nov. 15, 2021. Some interviews January 5 and 9. Offer received (Jan 28). 
Australian National University - Astro/Machine-Learning (w/ Yuan-Sen Ting, ad) Two positions. Applications due February 18 and March 4. Offer made to Jie Yu.
Banting Fellowship (ad) Applications due Sep. 22, 2021.
Anticipated announcement of results: Early February, 2022
Beecroft Fellowship, Oxford University
Applications due Nov. 19, 2021. Shortlisted candidates contacted on Dec. 1 for interview. Interviews conducted (Dec. 17). Any news? One offer made and accepted.
Benoziyo Fellowship, Weizmann Institute of Science  Applications due Nov. 15, 2021. Two offers made (Dec 29). One declined (Feb 3).
BCCP & TAC Fellowship, Berkeley (ad) Due Dec 1, 2021. Any updates? At least one offer accepted.
Caltech, Burke Fellowship in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (ad)
Application Due Nov 15, 2021. Some rejections sent Dec 18. At least some offers made, including Cari Cesarotti (declined), Rocio Kiman, Benjamin Lehmann (declined), Jacob McNamara, Sridip Pal, Isobel Romero-Shaw (declined), Javier Roulet, and Daichi Tsuna. Some rejections received on Jan 31.
Caltech Experimental Physics or Astrophysics Fellowship (ad)
Due Nov 15, 2021. Offers sent, including Nivedita Mahesh. Some rejections sent (Jan 20).
Caltech Radio Astronomy (ad)
Due Dec 15, 2021. Reference letters requested for some candidates (Jan 5). Any updates ?
Caltech, SPHEREx, Cosmological Science Analysis (ad) Application due Jan. 1, 2022. Any news?
Caltech, Time Domain Astronomy (ad) Applications due Aug 15, 2022
Canadian Rubin Fellows (ad) Applications due Dec 17, 2021. Interviews week of Jan 24-28, any news? Some rejections received (Feb 4). At least one offer made (Feb 8), deadline to accept Feb 15.
Cardiff CMB cosmology research associate (w/ Calabrese, ad) Application due Jan. 31 2022. Offer made and accepted.
Cardiff gravitational-wave research associates (w/ Sutton & Raymond, ad1, ad2) Application due Feb. 3 2022.
Carnegie Mellon McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)
Application Due Nov 30, 2021. Interviews conducted week of Jan 3.Offers made and some rejections received (Jan 10). Additional rejections sent (Jan 27).
Carnegie EPL Fellowship (ad)
Application due Nov 1, 2021. Some rejections received (Jan 24). Offer made and accepted (Feb 14).
Carnegie-Princeton Fellowship (ad) Due Nov 1, 2021. Offer made (Dec 21).
Carnegie Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ad) Due Nov 1, 2021. Offer made; Interviews in mid-December; shortlist notified (Jan 19). Offers made to Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein and Natalie Nicole Sanchez (joint with CalTech). Rejections sent (Feb 17).
Carnegie Theoretical Astrophysics Center Fellowship (ad)
Due Nov 1, 2021. Interviews conducted week of Nov 29; decisions expected mid-December, at least one offer made (Dec 14). Offer made to Brenna Mockler.
Center for AstroPhysical Surveys (CAPS) Fellowship (U. Illinois / NCSA, USA ad) Applications due Feb. 15, 2022
Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA), Flatiron Institute
Applications due Oct. 15. Shortlist invited for interview week of Nov 22, includes Carles Sanchez, Lucia Perez. Some offers sent beginning Jan 7, including Isobel Romero-Shaw (declined), Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski, Christopher Dessert, Lucia Perez (start 2023). Some rejections sent (Jan 13). Wait list notifications sent.
Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellowship, West Virginia University Due Dec 1, 2021. Requests sent for recommendation letters (10/1)
CERN Theory Fellowship (ad) Applications due Sep. 1 for nationals of CERN member or associate member states. Some offers made, including Vedran Brdar, Georges Obied, Sridip Pal, Miroslav Rapcak, Marc Riembau and Jorinde van de Vis.
CITA fellowship (ad)
Applications due Nov 8, 2021. At least three offers made Dec 17, including Sihao Cheng (declined) and another declined (Jan 12). At least two high on short list notified (Jan 20). One offer accepted (Feb 9).
CITA National Fellowship (ad) Applications due Nov 8, 2021. At least one offer made to Benjamin Lehmann (McGill, declined).
Columbia Science Fellow (ad) Due Nov 6, 2021. Shortlist contacted Nov 23 for interview week of Nov 29.
Columbia Science Fellow/Lecturer in Discipline (ad)
Due Dec 22. Interviews expected Jan 28 and week of Jan 31. At least one offer made (Feb 11; declined).
Cornell University - Exoplanets & Substellar Objects - w/ Prof. Ray Jayawardhana (ad) Offer made and accepted.
Covington Fellowship : Research Associate in Radio Astronomy (ad)
Due Jan 31. Due date extended to Feb. 28. Applications under review. Some candidates contacted for interviews (05/04) One offer  made (Jun 16; declined)
CSH, University of Bern, ERC Postdoctoral position in astronomical instrumentation (w/ Brice-Olivier Demory, ad) Applications due 15 July 2022.
DAMTP, University of Cambridge (w/ Blake Sherwin) (AD) Due Nov 30. Offer made and accepted.
DARK Fellowship at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (ad)
Applications due Jan 15, 2022. Shortlisted candidates contacted, and some interview invitations sent (Feb 9).
DAWN Fellowship at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (ad) Applications due Nov 19, 2021. Some interview invitations sent (Jan 4). Offer made and accepted.
Duke University (ad) Applications due Jan 5, 2022.
Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astronomical Instrumentation, University of Toronto (ad)
Applications due Nov. 12, 2021. Two offers made (Jan 4). Waitlist and rejection notifications sent (Jan 5). Two offers accepted, final rejections sent, search concluded (Mar 4).
Durham University fellowship in astronomy and cosmology (ad)
Applications due December 6, 2021. At least two invitations to interview (Jan 14). Some interviews carried out on Jan 20. Invitations for QSO position interview (Jan 21), interviews to be held Feb 1+2. Candidate selected (Feb 3).
Edinburgh Institute for Astronomy (ad) Applications due Nov 22, 2021. Candidates contacted for interview, includes Carles Sanchez. Two offers made, at least one of them accepted
ESA Research Fellowship (ESTEC in the Netherlands, ESAC in Spain, STScI in Baltimore, USA, ad)
Applications due Sep 19, 2022.
ESO postdoctoral fellowship (both Chile and Germany, ad) Applications due Oct 15, 2021. Some interviews are scheduled for Germany, some rejections sent. Some interviews scheduled for Chile (29 Nov. 2021). First offers for the ESO Chile Fellowship sent (20 Dec 2021). Some applicants were rejected after review (21 Dec 2021). Germany offers out (21 Dec 2021)
Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe (IFPU Trieste, ad) Due Dec 15, 2021. Any news? (Jan 20)
INTERACTIONS Fellowship at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (ad) Due Nov 15. Decision expected late Jan. Some rejections sent Feb 2. 
Gemini Science Fellow (ad) Applications due November 15, 2021. Positions available in North and South. Some interviews requested (Jan 11). At least one offer made for South (Feb 10).
Geneva University, Theoretical/Numerical and Observational Cosmology (w/ Camille Bonvin; ad)
Applications due Dec 03, 2021. At least some shortlisted candidates contacted week beginning Dec 12, including Sunny Vagnozzi (withdrawn). Offer made and accepted (Jan 31). Rejections sent (Feb 11).
Gliese Fellowship, University of Heidelberg (ad) Due Nov 30, 2021. Some applicants included in the short-shortlist contacted on Jan 7, including Sunny Vagnozzi. Some rejections sent Jan 10.
Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA-GSFC)/University of Maryland Baltimore County(UMBC) (ad) Consideration begins Dec 1, 2021. Later applications accepted while the position is open. Some interviews were held in the week of December 13. Two offers were made and both were accepted.
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Fellowship (ad) Due October 29, 2021. Over 200 applications received. At least four waitlist notifications sent (Jan 3), rejections sent (Jan 6). Offers made to Oliver Philcox (declined), Malena Rice (Dec 16; declined), Kathryn Neugent (with Hubble) and Weicheng Zang
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (SAO, ad; AGN feedback, X-rays & other wavelengths) Applications due January 1, 2022.
Harvard Future Faculty (ad) Due Dec 17, 2021. Some rejections sent (Feb 9). Offer made, waitlist notified Feb 14.
Harvard Black Hole Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Due Dec 1. Some offers made.
Herchel Smith Fellowship 'Extreme Universe', University of Cambridge (2x) Applications due December 1, 2021. Invitation for interview received, interviews take place between Jan. 20-26. Offers made to Isobel Romero-Shaw and Anke Arentsen
Hiroshima University Postdoc in Extragalactic Astronomy (Japan, ad) Applications due Nov 1. Interview request sent (Nov 19). Offer accepted (Jan 30).
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies Independent Postdoc Program Applications due Nov 30, decision deadline Jan 31.  Rejection(s) sent 16 February.
Humboldt Fellowship (open to all German Universities, ad)
Applications accepted all year round, offers made in three rounds (Mar, Jul, and Nov). Offers from the Nov round include Marco Gorghetto (DESY) and Sunny Vagnozzi (LMU Munich, declined). Offers from the March round include Antranik Sefilian (Jena).
IAP (w/ Volonteri and Dubois, ad) Applications due 5th Jan. Shortlist made and interview invites sent (incl. M. Kalomenopoulos).
Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago (ad) Applications due 4/15...but offer made and accepted.  Rejections sent 4/8.
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge (w/ Sijacki, ad) Applications due 20th December 2021. Offer made and accepted.
Imperial College London, 4-year Imperial College Research Fellowship (ad) Applications due 23rd August 2021.
Imperial College London, ERC post-doc in exoplanets/planet formation/protoplanetary discs (w/ Owen, ad)
Two positions, applications due Oct 1, 2021. Interviews/offers likely to occur in two rounds (Nov/Dec and Dec/Jan). Informal chats with longlisted candidates arranged, starting from Oct 15. All offers made (Feb 12) and accepted.
Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG Portsmouth, UK), Dennis Sciama Fellowship (ad)
Applications due 9th January 2021. Interviews set for 20th January. At least two interview invitation sent (Jan 14). Offer made and accepted, and at least one high on shortlist notified for possible future offer (Feb 1).
Indiana University Bloomington Visiting Assistant Professor (ad) Applications due Jan. 31, 2022, for a 2-year visiting assistant professor position. Finalists include Matthew Route. Offer made and accepted.
INFN Theory Fellowships (ad)
Due Nov. 9, 2021. 16 fellowships for foreigners or Italians who have been abroad continuously for at least the last 3 years. Cosmology- and astrophysics-oriented fellowships this year are available within the INFN centers in Ferrara, Florence, Naples, Pisa, and Rome La Sapienza. Rankings publicly available (link).
Ferrara: offer made to Benjamin Wallisch (declined), Sunny Vagnozzi (declined), Petter Taule (declined), Patrick Stengel.
Florence: offer made to Giancarlo Mattia.
Naples: offer made to Folkert Kuipers.
Pisa: offer made to Darius Faroughy (declined). 
Rome: offer made to Sunny Vagnozzi (declined), Supriya Pan (declined), Ruchika Kaushik
Institute for Advanced Study (ad) Due Nov 15, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interviews on Dec 16, 2021, decisions expected early Jan. Offers made to Oliver Philcox, Sophie Schroder and Sihao Cheng (joint with PI). At least one high on shortlist notified for possible future offer. Rejections sent (Feb 17).
Institute for Space Sciences, Barcelona (ad) Due Oct 30, 2021. 2 positions. Recieved email that selection process started but will be long (Dec. 22). One offer made (Feb 10).
ITC fellowship, Harvard University (ad) Applications due Nov 8, 2021. Some rejections sent, three offers made including Brenna Mockler and Oliver Philcox  (declined) (Dec. 1). At least one high on shortlist notified for possible future offer. Aaron Smith accepted.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cosmology (ad) Applications due Jan. 15, 2022 but will be considered as come. Any news?
Junior Telescope Scientist, ASTRON (ad)
Applications due Oct. 15, 2021. Interview done for shortlisted candidates. Selection done. Rejections sent.
Johns Hopkins University - Davis Fellowship (ad) Applications due December 15, 2021. Some offers made (Jan 25). Rejections received (Feb 11).
JSI/Maryland - Neil Gehrels Fellowship (ad)
Applications due December 20, 2021. Rejections sent for applicants that did not make it onto the shortlist (Jan 20). Over 150 applicants applied.
High Energy Astrophysics (National Observatory of Athens, ad) Applications by Oct. 15, 2021.
KASI-Arizona Joint Fellowship (ad) Applications due December 20, 2021. Any news?
Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge - Postdoc in Galaxy Formation and Evolution (w/ Maiolino & Tacchella, ad) Applications due Jan 10, 2022. Interview invites have been sent (Jan 24). Offers made (Feb 7).
Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo (ad)
Interviews for candidates in astrophysics are now underway for the IPMU and CSW fellowships (updated Jan 11). Emails have been sent to all being interviewed. The candidates for the joint fellowship with KIAA will be contacted soon. At least one offer made. (Any offers made to candidates so far (mid-Jan) are in dedicated areas, cross-disciplinary fields or physics.)
KIAA, Peking University (ad) Dec Nov 30, 2021. Interview for candidates offered (Dec 22). At least one offer made (Jan 20).
KIPAC, Stanford University (ad) Applications due Nov 1, 2021. Talk invites for shortlisted candidates in mid-November. Some rejections received (Jan 6). At least two offers made including Oliver Philcox (declined). Were all rejections sent?
Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Research fellow in extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. Two positions (ad1ad2)
Applications by Dec. 1, 2021 (ad1), Dec. 31, 2021 (ad2).
Kyoto University - Postdoctoral Researcher in observational cosmology at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (w/ Taruya and Nishimichi, ad)
Applications due Jan 23, 2022.
Las Cumbres Observatory Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad)
Due Nov. 16, 2021.  Some applicants' references solicited for letters 12/13/21 due on 1/6/22. Interviews scheduled (Jan 14). Offer made (Jan 31). Some rejections received (Feb 1).
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, DESI Postdoc Position (ad) Due. Dec 15, 2021. Some candidates invited for interviews (Jan 8), offer made and accepted (Feb 17).
Lehigh University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad) Finalists include Matthew Route. Offer made and accepted.
Leiden Observatory Oort Fellowships (ad)
Due Nov 26, 2021. Some candidates invited for interviews in January (Dec 20). Offer made to Piyush Sharda and waitlist notified (Jan 14).
Leiden Observatory (w/ Mariska Kriek; ad) Due Dec 17. Any News? (Feb 22), is position still open?
Leiden Observatory (w/ Elena Rossi; ad) Applications due Jan 1, 2022. Selection deadline Jan 15, 2022.
LMU Munich Astrophysics Fraunhofer-Schwarzschild Fellowships (ad) Due Nov 7, 2021. 112 applications received. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interviews, including Sunny Vagnozzi. At least one offer made to Sunny Vagnozzi (declined). Some rejections sent (Dec 21).
Los Alamos National Laboratory -- Los Alamos Distinguished Postdoc Fellow (all fields, ad) Open to all fields related to the lab missions including astronomy. Due Nov 1, 2021. Finalist interviewed Dec 7, 2021. Offers have been made and accepted​​​​​​. 
Lowell Observatory Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (Lowell Observatory, ad) Applications due December 1, 2021. Applicants asked to provide recommendation letters (12/08/21). Shortlisted candidates contacted for interviews (1/4/22). Offer made to Tyler Richey-Yowell.
LSSTC Catalyst Fellowship (various institutions, ad)
Application workshop October 8. Applications due Nov. 15, 2021. Requests sent for recomendation letters (Jan 7; directly to referees). Offers sent and waitlisted notified (Jan 28). Rejections sent (Jan 28), the fellowship was oversubscribed by "more than an order of magnitude". Have all offers been accepted?
LSSTC DSFP Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Applications due Dec. 16th. Some candidates contacted for interviews (Jan 6th) -- Any other updates as of Feb 2?
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship (open to various European institutions, ad) Applications due October 12, 2021. Offers include Andrea Caputo (Tel Aviv University, declined), Sunny Vagnozzi (75% Padova, 25% Trento), and Ville Vaskonen (Padova).
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Postdoctoral positions in exoplanets/machine learning (w/ Vanderburg, ad)
Two positions, and two reviews happening after an early deadline on December 1, 2021, and a late deadline on February 10, 2022. Any updates?
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (ad)
Application due on November 26, 2021. At least some interviews held and one offer accepted (Jan 18; fellowship position). Invitation for interviews for some of the postdoc positions received (Jan 24). At least one offer made (Feb 3).
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics fellowship (ad)
Applications due Nov 15, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates contacted. Offers made, including Piyush Sharda (declined), Joel Ong (declined), Oliver Philcox (declined) and three offers accepted. Rejection(s) sent (March 9).
Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (w/ Vegetti) Some rejections sent (Dec 9).
Max Planck Institite for Extraterrestrial Physics - ERC Postdoctoral Positions in observational cosmology (w/ Bulbul, ad) Applications due Dec.15, 2021. Some candidates invited for interviews (Jan 18).
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" department; several postdoctoral positions (Potsdam, Germany, ad)
Applications due Nov. 15, 2021. Interview held in late Dec and mid Jan 2022. Several offers made and accepted (Jan 27).
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Computational Relativistic Astrophysics division, Potsdam, Germany Application due on November 30, 2021.  
Dec 31 - status? News on shortlist/rejection/interview/offers?
Michigan State University (2 positions w/ Mark and Brian, ad) Due Jan 26, 2022. Any updates?
Miller Fellowship, Berkeley Offers made to Boryana Hadzhiyska, Tharindu Jayasinghe and Rohan Naidu. Some rejection letters sent (Dec 27).
MIT Kavli Postdoc Fellowship (ad) Due Dec 10, 2021. Some rejections received (Feb 2). Offers sent, including Nivedita Mahesh (declined). One offer accepted. 
MPIA, Heidelberg – Postdoctoral Positions in the Planet and Star Formation Department (ad) Due Dec. 15, 2021. Some candidates invited for interview (Jan. 13, 2022). Some rejections received (Feb 21). 
McGill Space Institute Fellowship (McGill University, ad)
Applications due 11:59:59pm Eastern, December 1, 2021. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members with overlapping research interests ahead of time.
At least four offers made (Dec 22), including Benjamin Lehmann (declined), Nivedita Mahesh (declined) and another person declined. Waitlist notifications sent (Jan 3). Anyone in the waitlist got any updates? (Feb 28)
McMaster University, William and Caroline Herschel Fellowship (ad)
Applications due on Jan 15, 2022. Any news/updates? (Feb 1) Some interview requests sent (Feb 9). One offer made and accepted (Feb 24).
NANOGrav Physics Frontier Center Postdoctoral Fellow, West Virginia University (ad) Due Dec 1, 2021.
NAOJ Postdoc at Tokyo Metropolitan University (ad) Applications due Nov. 9, 2021. Interview request sent (Nov 12).
NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Office - Postdoctoral Research Associate (ad) Applications due Dec 9, 2021. First round of interviews is ongoing (Jan 12). One offer made and accepted.  Second NExScI-focused offer made to Catherine Clark.
NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (ad)
Applications due Nov. 4, 2021. Panel meets Jan 18-25. 446 applications received (oversubscription factor of 19). Offers sent, waitlisted notified, rejections received (Jan 28). Offers made to Elias Aydi (MSU), Paul Dalba (UCSC; declined), Tarraneh Eftekhari (Northwestern)Seiji Fujimoto (UT Austin), David Guszejnov (CfA), Boryana Hadzhiyska, Sultan Hassan, Tharindu Jayasinghe, Kyle Kremer (Caltech), Feng Long (Arizona), Ryan MacDonald (U Michigan)Rohan Naidu (MIT; with Pappalardo), Kathryn Neugent (Harvard; with CfA)Joel Ong (Hawaii), Oliver Philcox (Berkeley; declined), Mia de los Reyes (Yale; declined), Malena Rice (Caltech; declined), Gudmundur Stefansson (Princeton), and Zhoujian Zhang (UCSC).
Did anyone from the waitlist receive an offer yet? I did (Feb 10) and declined (Feb 15).
NASA Postdoc Fellowship (NPP)  (Ad)
Applications due Nov. 1, 2021. Grades from review panel are with centers, first offers to go out very soon.  At least some offers made (Jan 28), including Kellen Lawson. More first round offers made (Jan 31). At least one offer declined. At least one second round offer made to Kielan Hoch (Feb 15, declined). At least some rejections have been received (Feb 16).
Did anyone from the pending applications receive an offer yet?
Near-Field Cosmology Prize Research Associate (University of Virginia, ad) Applications due Dec 15, 2021. Offer made and accepted.
Nordita Fellowship (ad)
Applications due Nov 15, 2021. Offers made to Sambit Giri, Sabine HarribeyBenjamin Knorr, Marcus Stålhammar and Sunny Vagnozzi (declined).
Have all rejections been sent?
Northwestern CIERA Fellowship (ad)
Applications due Nov 22, 2021. Some shortlist candidates notified Dec 20. At least one offer made (Feb 3, declined).
Northwestern CIERA + Adler Planetarium Fellowship (ad) Applications due Jan 16, 2022. Some candidates invited for interviews. Any update?
Notre Dame Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Exoplanets (ad) Some candidates selected for interviews. One offer made and accepted. Waitlist notified.
Notre Dame Postdoc position (w/ Chris Howk and Nicolas Lehner, ad) Due. Dec 15, 2021. First round of interviews are over, but position is not closed yet (Jan 27). Any update? (Feb 22). Offer made and accepted.
NRAO Jansky Fellowship (ad)
Due Nov. 1, 2021. At least two offers made, including Jackie Champagne (declined) and Dillon Dong (Socorro) (Dec 22). Some rejections sent, some wait list notifications sent (Dec 30).
NRAO Jansky Engineering Fellowship (ad) Due Dec. 11, 2021. Any updates?
NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship
Due Oct 15, 2021. Panels meeting Jan 18-19. Some acceptances and rejections sent (Jan 31). Has the waitlist been notified?
NSF MPS-ASCEND Fellowship (ad) Applications due January 6, 2022. Some offers sent (Mar 9), including Erin Cox and Raquel Martinez.
NYU - James Arthur Fellowship (ad) Due Nov. 15, 2021. Interviews conducted on Dec 21. Offer made to David Dunsky.
Ohio State CCAPP Fellowship (ad) Consideration starts 30 November 2021. Some candidates invited for talks. Some offers made.  Offers accepted by Christine Daher, Peter Taylor, and Michael Tucker.
Ohio State University, SDSS-V Science (ad) Due January 31, 2022.
ORIGINS Fellowship (ORIGINS Excellence Cluster in Munich, ad) Due Nov. 3, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interviews, including Sunny Vagnozzi. One offer made and accepted.
Pappalardo Fellowship (MIT, ad) Finalists invited to interview 11/19. Offers made, including Benjamin Lehmann, Kathryn Neugent (declined), and Rohan Naidu (with Hubble). 
Parrent Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii (adinfo)
Applications due December 1, 2021. 12/22: Some candidates invited to interview in mid-January. Any updates?
Penn State, Eberly Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ad) Applications due November 30, 2021. Notified for interviews Jan 10, 2022. At least one offer made to Brenna Mockler.
Penn State, Postdoctoral Researcher at Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds (ad)
Applications due November 30, 2021. Any news? (1/11/22)
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, postdoctoral fellowships (ad) Applications due November 8, 2021. Some applicants contacted to give seminars week of Nov 29. At least one offer made (In astro or other field? When?) At least one offer was made in Strong Gravity, Dec 22. At least three offers made in Cosmology on Jan 21 to Oliver Philcox (declined), Sihao Cheng (joint with IAS) and Luna Zagorac.
Princeton University (ad) Applications deadline Nov 1, 2021. At least one offer made (12/15). Another offer made to Ankan Sur (2/21).
Princeton University - Spitzer Fellowship (ad) Applications deadline Nov 1, 2021. First offers made as of Dec 15, one notified of short list Jan 7.
Princeton University - Russell Fellowship (ad) Applications deadline Nov 1, 2021. Offer made to Ashley Chontos. Rejections sent (1/22)
Princeton Gravity Initiative Fellowships (ad) Applications due Nov 1, 2021. Some short interviews held in first week of December. Some rejections sent 30/12.
Princeton University Future Faculty (ad) Due Nov 1, 2021. Shortlist contacted for interviews 12/2. Informal offer via email given to one applicant 12/15, formal offer sent mid January, one offer accepted by Lucia Perez (combo with CCA). Another offer made to Bryan Terrazas (declined).
Queen Mary University London; Postdoc in Radio Cosmology (ad) Due Dec 6, 2021. An offer was made to Nivedita Mahesh on Dec 23rd (declined). Another offer made and accepted.
Queen Mary University London; Postdoc in GW Cosmology (ad) Due Dec 2, 2021. Shortlist created, including M. Kalomenopoulos.
Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) and Lockyer Fellowships (ad)
Applications due Oct. 15, 2021. Only RAS Fellowships offered this year. Some rejections received (Jan 7). Some interview invitations sent (Jan 24). Some more rejections received (Jan 24 and Jan 26).
Rutgers University, Observational Cosmology (w/ Gawiser & Jha, ad Applications due Jan. 4, 2022.  Shortlist notified Feb. 2.
One Postdoctoral Position in Simons Astrophysics Group at ICISE, Vietnam (w/Thiem Hoang, ad) Applications due June 30, 2022
SARAO Fellowship 2022 (ad) Applications due Aug. 30, 2021. Offers made (Nov 26).
SMA Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Applications due Oct. 15, 2021. Shortlist contacted (Nov 21). Interviews held 6-9 Dec. At least two offers made (16 Dec), including Jackie Champagne (declined), and one accepted.
SISSA, Astroparticle Physics group (ad) Due Dec 15, 2021. At least one offer made (23 Dec).
Stanford Science Fellows (ad) Shortlist invited for interviews. At least two offers made (Dec 16), including to Mia de los Reyes.
Stanford - Santa Cruz Fellowship (ad) Interview shortlist emailed Nov. 17. Some rejections sent (Jan 6). At least two offers were made, including Ashley Chontos (Dec 21, declined).
Stromlo Fellow, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Australian National University (ad)
Application deadline 14th Sep 2021. Rejections sent (Nov 4). Offer made to Thomas Nordlander (Dec 20).
STScI, Giacconi & Exoplanet Science Fellowships (Up to 3 years, 100% independent research. Giacconi = any field, Exoplanet Science = exoplanet-related science, ad)
Applications due Oct 25. Letters due Oct 29. Some rejections sent (Feb 1). Offer made to Kielan Hoch (Feb 14) for Giacconi and to Ashley Chontos for Exoplanet Science (Feb 2, declined).
STScI, STScI Fellowship (Up to 4 years, 50% independent research, 50% supporting science operations, ad)
Applications due Oct 25. Letters due Oct 29. Shortlist contacted for interviews in mid-late Jan (Jan 5). Some rejections sent (Jan 7) and further rejections sent (Feb 1). Three offers made and the waiting list informed. At least two offers accepted
STScI (JWST transiting exoplanets w/ Néstor Espinoza and Jeff Valenti, ad) Due Mar 1, 2022. Shortlist contacted for interviews (March 15).
STScI (w/ Josh Peek and Claire Murray, ad) Due Dec 15, 2021. Shortlist contacted for interviews (Jan 18).
STScI (w/ Elena Sabbi and collaborators, ad) Due Dec 17, 2021. Shortlist contacted for interviews (Jan 14).
STScI (w/ Marc Rafelski and collaborators, ad) Due Dec 10, 2021. Shortlisted are being interviewed (confirmed in email on Jan 26). At least one offer accepted (Feb 17)
STScI (w/ HSTPROMO collaboration, ad) Due Dec 10, 2021. Shortlist contacted for interviews (Jan 25). One offer made and accepted.
Stockholm University, Oskar Klein Centre (ad) Postdoctoral fellow in particle astrophysics and cosmology
Applications due Dec. 6, 2021. Offer made to Benjamin Wallisch (joint with UT Austin).
Stockholm University, Oskar Klein Centre (ad)
Nine positions available:
  • Axion Astrophysics and Cosmology: due Dec 8, 2021 (ad). Offer made and accepted, rejections sent (Jan 28).
  • ML Initial Conditions: due Jan 15, 2022 (ad)
  • Modelling & ML for LSST: due Jan 15, 2022 (up to 3 positions; ad)
  • CMB Instrumentation & Analysis: due Jan 15, 2022 (ad)
  • SN Cosmology: due Jan 15, 2022 (ad). 
  • Modeling SN Spectra: due Jan 15, 2022 (ad). Offer made and accepted.
  • Exotic SN Observations: due Jan 15, 2022 (ad). Offer made and accepted (Feb 14).
Any updates on any of these six positions? 
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Department of Theoretical Physics (ad) (link to the application on ajo)
Postdoctoral fellow in cosmology and astroparticle physics. Application deadline Nov 15, 2021. Open until filled.
Technical University of Munich (w/ Suyu) Applications due December 15, 2021.  Decision deadline? Offer made and accepted (Feb 1). Rejections sent (Feb 7).
Texas A&M - ACES Faculty Fellowship (ad) Applications due November 15, 2021. (2022 Jan 21) Candidates have been vetted by ACES committee and finalists forwarded to departments for consideration. Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted soon. Letters requested and some candidates contacted to schedule interviews (Feb 8). At least one offer made.
THEA Fellowship in Theoretical Astrophysics (Columbia University: Beloborodov, Haiman, Levin, Metzger, Sironi, ad) Applications due Nov. 15, 2021. Open until filled. Some interviews were held in the week of December 13. At least one offer was made (Jan 5).
Tor Vergata University, ERC-funded postdoctoral positions in multimessenger astrophysics (w/ Troja, ad) Applications due Jan 14, 2022. Open until filled. Some shortlist notifications received. 
Trottier Postdoctoral Fellowship in Exoplanetary Science – iREx, Montreal (ad)
Applications due Dec. 15, 2021. Offer made to Clémence Fontanive. Some shortlist notifications received. Some rejections sent.
United States Naval Academy, Postdoc in Planetary Science (w/ Knight, ad) Applications due Mar. 1, 2022. Open until filled.
University of Amsterdam, Anton Pannekoek Institute, Postdoc in Stellar Evolution and Interactions in Multiples (w/ Toonen, ad)
Applications due Jan. 1, 2022. Any update? (Feb 2)
University of Amsterdam, Postdoc in Cosmology (w/ Baumann, ad) Due Dec 20. Any news?
University of Arizona Bok Fellowship (ad)
Applications due Dec 10,2021. Some informed to send recommendation letters (Jan 6). Some rejections received (Jan 19). Offer made and accepted.
University of Arizona Brass Instrumentation Fellowship (ad) Applications due Dec 10, 2021.
University of Arizona, JASPER Scholars (JWST Arizona Steward Postdoc in Early galaxies and Reionization, multiple positions, ad)
Review starts Dec 3, 2021. At least three positions. Open until filled. Some informed to send recommendation letters (Dec 10). Shortlist are being contacted for interviews (Jan 11). At least two offers made, including Jackie Champagne. One offer declined.
University of Arizona, Stellar Populations and Nearby Galaxies (w/ Sand, adsubmission page) Applications due Jan 15, 2022.
University of Arizona, Experimental Time Domain Astrophysics (w/ Sand, adsubmission page) Applications due Jan 15, 2022.
University of Arizona (Fermi-Sun, ad) Deadline Jan 09, 2022. Some interviews underway.
University of Arizona (PSP, ad) Deadline Dec 15, 2021. Some interviews underway.
University of California, Berkeley (Center for Integrative Planetary Science, ad) Deadline Feb 2, 2022. "any area of planetary sciene" "Current research areas span astronomical observations of the solar system, ... giant planets, planetary and satellite interiors and atmospheres, planet formation theory, protoplanetary disks, and extrasolar planets."
University of California Irvine (ad) Deadline Nov. 19, 2021. Interview requests sent (Dec 16). Offers made and accepted (Feb 18).
University of California San Diego (JWST observations of nearby galaxies w/ Sandstrom, ad) Deadline Feb. 11, 2022. Interview requests sent (March 1), some were conducted (March 9). Offer made and accepted.
University of California, Santa Barbara - KITP postdoc scholar in theoretical physics (ad) Deadline Nov. 15, 2021. At least two offers made to Sihao Cheng (declined) and Sophie Schroder (Jan 20).
University of California, Santa Barbara (w/Lars Bildsten, ad) Deadline Nov. 15, 2021. Any update?
University of California, Santa Barbara (gravitational waves, ad) Applications due on Jan 1, 2022. Interview requests sent (Jan 26). Offer made and accepted (Feb 16)
University of California, Santa Cruz (w/ Brant Robertson, ad) Due. Jan 21, 2022. Is this position still open (Feb 22)? Any update (Apr 15)?
University of Cambridge, Kavli Fellowship (ad) Deadline 25 October. At least some candidates contacted for interviews. Some offers made including Oliver Philcox (declined).
University of Chicago (w/ Edwin Kite, ad) Deadline 31 July (extended). Habitability/climate of exoplanets and/or Mars.
University of Chicago - KICP (ad) Application due Oct. 30. Offers sent. Some rejections sent (Jan 21).
University of Chicago - Margaret Burbidge Prize Fellowship (ad)
Application due Nov 1. Offer made and rejections sent.
University of Colorado at Boulder- Assistant Teaching Professor (3-yr; ad) At least some rejections sent (March 9). Shortlist interviews to be conducted week of March 14.
University of Helsinki (w/ Johansson) Application due Nov 30. Invites for inteviews sent. Offer made to Ruby Wright.
University of Idaho (Computational astrophysics/numerical relativity w/ Etienne, ad) Review starts Dec 15, 2021. Open until filled. Recommendation letters requested. Some rejections sent (Feb 16)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (AGN science w/ SDSS-V, DES, Gaia, WISE, HST/JWST; 2 positions, w/ Shen and Liu, ad) Applications due Dec 31, 2021. Interview Request for Shen position sent (Jan 24) and to be held week of Jan 24. Offers made and accepted (Feb 15).
University of Iowa (two positions, one in UV, one in X-rays/gamma-rays, ad) Applications due May 31, 2022.
University of Florida Galaxy Evolution, ISM and Star Formation (w/ Torrey and Narayanan; ad Review begins Jan 15, 2022. Some shortlisted candidates have been interviewed. Accepted by Chia-Yu Hu.
University of Florida -- Protoplanetary Disks, Planet Formation, Machine Learning (w/ Bae, ad) Applications due Jan 15, 2022.
University of Florida -- Stars (w/ Tayar, ad) Interviews held early March. News?
University of Geneva - Cosmology (ad) Applications due Dec 1, 2021. Open until filled.
University of Kansas - Stellar Astrophysics (w/Crossfield, ad)
Applications due Feb 15, 2022. Open until filled. Applications under review. First round of interview & letter requests sent.
Some rejections sent. (3/10)
University of Manchester - Early Galaxy Formation and Evolution with JWST (w/ Conselice, ad) Applications due Dec 1, 2021. At least one candidate invited for interview. Rejections sent. One offer made (declined).
University of Michigan - LCTP Fellowship (Physics), ad 300+ appllications for LCTP positions (cosmo and particle); cosmo offers to Johannes Lange and Uendert Andrade.
University of Michigan - Post-doctoral Researcher in IR Astronomy/Exoplanet Science, ad Application review begins Jan 3, deadline Feb 1, 2022.  Starting to schedule interviews (Jan 28). Offer accepted.
University of Mississippi, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy (ad) Applications due Mar 21, 2022, for a 3-year visiting assistant professor position. Offer made and accepted by Matthew Route.
University of Montreal - Machine Learning, Astrophysics and Cosmology (w/ Yashar Hezaveh, Laurence Perreault Levasseur, Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo, ad)
Review of applications begins Dec 1. Some invited to interview (week of Jan 10). Offers made to Sihao Cheng (Jan 24; declined) and Pablo Lemos.
University of Oslo (Extragalactic astrophysics w/ Sijing Shen and Claudia Cicone, ad) Applications due December 15, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interview week of Jan 17. Offer made and accepted.

University of Oslo - Cosmology (Euclid, ad)

Applications due December 15, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interview week of Jan 10.
University of Oxford - ISM (w/WISDOM; Bureau, ad) Applications due January 20, 2022. Shortlisting underway.
University of Padova (Cosmology with Alvise Raccanelli ad) Expressions of interest due June 15, 2022. Offers to be made by July 8th. Extended to July 3rd for applications, offer to be made soon after.
University of Pittsburgh - Langley Fellowship (ad)
Applications due January 10, 2022. Offer made. Some rejections sent  (Feb 3).
University of Pittsburgh - JWST/UNCOVER postdoc (w/Bezanson, ad) Applications due January 10, 2022. Offer made. Some rejections sent (Feb 3). Further rejections sent stating all positions have been filled (Feb 21).
University of Rochester - Satellite Formation postdoc (w/Nakajima, Quillen, Simon, ad) Applications due April 15, 2022. 
University of Sheffield - Computational Planet Formation (w/ Richard Parker, ad) Applications due May 10, 2022.

University of Sydney - Stellar Astrophysics (w/ Tim Bedding, ad)

Applications due November 28, 2021. Interview requests sent December 1 2021. Offer made to Ashley Chontos (declined). Another offer made and accepted.
University of Texas at Austin (w/ Casey, ad) Applications due December 15, 2021. Any news? (Feb 13) Some rejections sent (Feb 16).
University of Toledo (w/Seigar, ad) Applications due December 1, 2021. Offer made and accepted.
University of Toronto (w/ Ting Li, ad) Applications due January 15, 2022. Offer made and accepted.
University of Turku (w/ Rubina Kotak, ad) Applications due 2002, Apr. 07. Shortlist notified 14/4. Offer made and accepted (2/5).
University of Utah - Eccles AstroData Fellowship (ad) Applications due December 1, 2021. Letters requested (Dec 16). Shortlist notified (Jan 20). Offer made and accepted.
University of Victoria (w/ Julio Navarro, ad) Due Dec 31, 2021. Offer made and accepted.
University of Victoria (w/ Sara Ellison, ad) Due December 5, 2021. Interviews scheduled Dec. 12-13. Offer made and accepted Jan 7.
University of Washington: DIRAC fellowship (ad) Some candidates invited for interviews (Jan 12). Offer made.
University of Washington (LSST and LINCC; multiple positions) (ad) Some candidates invited for interviews (Jan 11). Offers made. All rejections sent.
University of Waterloo (fellowship + position w/ M. Balogh) (ad)
Applications due December 1, 2021. WCA Fellowship shortlist contacted for interviews Jan 7. Offer made Jan 20 for the 50/50 Balogh+fellowship to Jackie Champagne (declined).
(Is this info only about the fellowship? Anything on the postdoc position? Answer: unsure if 2 offers made)
University of Würzburg, Germany, High-Energy Multi-messenger Astrophysics (ad)
Applications strongly encouraged by Sept. 15, 2021. Offer accepted.
New openings in the same group with deadline March 20, 2022 (link).
Villanova University (Black Hole Astrophysics, 2 positions, w/Neilsen, ad) Application review begins November 6 2021 and will continue until position is filled. Interview requests sent Jan 13. No rejections at this time. Offers for both EHT and x-ray binary positions made and accepted.
Vanderbilt University (Black Hole Physics, ad) Application review due December 20, 2021.
Washington University in St. Louis McDonnell Center Fellowship (ad) Applications due March 1, 2022.
Washington University in St. Louis (w/ Nagy ad) Application review begins January 7, 2022.
Yale YCAA Prize Fellowship (ad) Applications due on Nov 5, 2021. Some shortlisted candidates invited for interview on Dec 18, 2021. Offer made to Mia de los Reyes (declined), Erin Kado-Fong.
Yale Mossman Fellowship (ad) Application Due Nov 1, 2021. Offer made to Murat Kologlu.
Warsaw Institute of Physics (w/ Hellwing, ad)
Application due on Oct 1, 2021, offer made and accepted

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