Textbook Reviews

This page is intended to serve as a repository of textbook reviews for college-level astronomy courses, or physics/computing courses taught by astronomers. It could include links to supplementary material developed for courses using those books (activities, exams, etc.) that could be used by others.

Note that Astro 101 Resources are listed separately, here.

Author(s) Title Course Title/Level Student Audience Notes
Carroll & Ostlie An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics Intro Astro for majors Astronomy majors aka "BOB" or the Big Orange Book, enough for 2+ semesters
Dan Maoz Astrophysics in a Nutshell Intro Astro for (Physics?) majors Physics majors Solution manual available to faculy, PDF of first edition available online
Mark Newman Computational Physics Computational Physics/Astrophysics Physics/Engineering Majors with no assumed programming experience Uses Python; First five chapters and sample code available online
Marc Kutner Astronomy: A Physical Perspective Intermediate Astrophysics Astronomy majors  
Unsöld, Albrecht, Baschek, Bodo The New Cosmos Intermediate/Advanced Astrophysics Astronomy majors  
Arnab Rai Choudhuri Astrophysics for Physicists Advanced Astrophysics Astronomy majors  
Karttunen, Kröger, Oja, Poutanen, Donner Fundamental Astronomy Intermediate Astrophysics Astronomy majors  
Schneider Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology Galactic Astronomy/ Extragalactic Astronomy Astronomy majors  
Saha and Taylor The Astronomers' Magic Envelope Advanced Astrophysics Astronomy majors Really great for a variety of ideas and perspectives for teaching topics
Ryden and Peterson Foundations of Astrophysics Advanced Astrophysics Astronomy majors  
Judith Irwin Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos Intermediate/Advanced Astrophysics Astronomy majors  


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